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One-off Brief Bag – for when you are traveling light for business

The bag you are looking at is the first of a series of bags that I am making.

Each one is unique and bespoke.  see more pictures  of the first one and buy it here

I am branching out and bringing my look and ideas to some other daily carry things, like this brief bag

Each one is designed individually, specially for that owner – but most are riffs off of this theme.
its classic, comfortable and it works, equally well for Men or Women.. depending on color and hardware.

This brief bag will handle a light laptop, iPad, keys and some other things, like phone chargers.

This is not a bag you stuff to the gills with crap and toss in the trunk.

We all like to travel light sometimes – maybe to a meeting, and this is the perfect bag to toss your writing journal, iPad, Mac Air and keys into. I can adjust the size to make you happy and to fit anything specific you might need.

I provide both a hand and shoulder strap. The strap is great if you plan on doing some walking- its very comfy and a piece of art. The strap and handle use simple, strong brass clasps and solid D-rings to attach to the bag. The inside of the bag is a single compartment with a small business card pocket, sewn to one side that has pen loops. This is a comfy bag to carry

The front flap uses a unique, classy closure and is lined with deerskin.


IMG_2491 IMG_2492 IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2497