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The SkipperDee – a 1.75″ wide custom leather belt

Did you read “the Adventures of Eloise” as a kid? Well if you didn’t have that distinct pleasure as s child growing up, your life sucked.. take it from If you don’t know what I am peeping, just go check  it out ya malook!  I grew up with Eloise, Ferdinand the Bull, Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin and Curious George, and yeah, my sister too.  But honestly, I transported myself to the Plaza with Eloise and her friends many a reading time. TV was a thing for after dinner when I was growing up and my Mom was a huge reader, so she trained my sister and I to be big  readers too, to be happy in that place between your ears, using your brain to tell the story…. and what a gift it has proven to be.


So what the fuck am I carrying on about? I don’t know really. I just like the old shit I guess.  Anyway, back to the Skipper Dee..

The SkipperDee has a wild super deep mahogany maroon and red/oxblood/ burgundy kind of coloration. It is very cool, very different and kind of subtle in a uniquely obvious way- it also has my usual black edge and white thread..this is a heavy duty belt, made from 12oz Domestically tanned leather.! Badassedness personified, it be cool!



the Skiperdee belt by Steveb Leatherworks

the Skiperdee belt by Steveb Leatherworks

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