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Wally’s Ride

Every year for the past 5 or so, a small group of friends get together to celebrate one of our friends, Wally who was snatched away waaaay too soon. Thi is a little taste of what the day was like…. great!  A wonderful celebration of Wally , his friends and family.
DSCF5180 - Version 2DSCF5170 DSCF5167 DSCF5165

the strong arm key fob & skangler

This Fob has a one of a kind 1981 vintage nickel domed concho that you will not see anywhere else.
The fob is fully lined and glued, then stitched – these stinkers will last a lifetime and look perfect as they age.,
This is a nice looking accessory for your belt , up to 1.75″ wide- different enough to be noticed, cool enough to be distinctive. if you wear a chain wallet – this is a good consideration
This is riveted shut, no snap.

I hang my keys from the clasp – these fobs are handy.
This skangler is accessorized being white in color and surrounded by brass washers and a aluminum spacer.
The wire has been silver soldered making is super strong,


DSC_9299 DSC_9304 DSC_9305 DSC_9311 DSC_9315 DSC_9317 DSC_9323

Bronze Brass Ho Bead

The Bronze Brass Ho Bead is a bead.

This is a unique piece.
It is made by me, using all hand tools. It is hung on Camo paracord.
As is true with all of my work, it is built to last.

It is 3 5/8″ long, it is made of: a brass center beDSC_9261ad and bronze beads on the outside, the whole mess is silver soldered together…
This is a nice piece for your keychain, which is what i use mine for.
I’ve seen folks attache them to leather jackets, back packs – in all kinds of creative ways.

You can buy this unique accessory right here<<

Do with your what you will, but be sure to send me a pic.DSC_9260

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Andy’s Knipper

When brother Andy, a hard working (outside) kinda man saw my Knipper, he wanted one. Told me straight out, I want one. It took awhile for him to come up with the scratch, but I stashed one of the original Stag horn Knippers away for him. Well, payday came, overtime in hand – and Andy got his Knipper – wears it everyday. This is one thick, tough sheath, and the way I set it up, it hugs your belt super tight and strongly!

DSC_8332 DSC_8337 DSC_8342 DSC_8355 DSC_8369

The Beady Skunk Skangler

The Beady Skunk Skanlger is a keychain dangler, or a fob dangler, or whatever the hell you want it to be kind of dangler.

This is a unique piece.

It is made by me, using all hand tools. The wire is thick and tough, the skulls tough, the bead tough.
As is true with all of my work, it is built to last.

It is 3 1/8″ long, it is made of: heavy gauge copper wire, brass washers, stone skulls, and a crazy brass/copper African bead of indeterminate age or precise origin, but guaranteed to be of very limited availability.

The wire is twisted around itself and sliver soldered, so it is strong, the pieces are loose enough to rotate.

This is a nice piece for your keychain, which is what i use mine for.
I’ve seen folks attache them to leather jackets, back packs – in all kinds of creative ways.

Do with your what you will, but be sure to send me a pic.

Follow me on Instagram: steveb_leatherworksDSC_9288

The Carved Knipper

This is the Carved Knipper.
It’s a collaboration.
The Sheath is made by me, the beautiful blade, by Terry Knipscheid, a super talented and wonderful man, located in MN.

I had this idea for a EDC – every day carry -sized blade and knew of Terry through some work he’d done for me (making me some work blades), so we got to talking and this was the result.

The steel on the Knipper is the usual killer stuff that Terry uses.. I don’t have anymore tech info that that, but can get it if you want…
The scales on the blade is black Micarta, beautiful and durable.

The sheath I wrapped it in is some 10oz, very heavy veg tan leather, my usual fare.
The design that i carved is a one-off, and the colors are cool and will pop and become more apparent over time with wear.
I made the brass bead on the leather lace that allows the blade to be drawn …

The sheath is held to your belt (up to 1.75″ wide) belt by a latigo strip that is installed into the sheath with a combo of stitching and glue.

This is heirloom quality and will never wear out, or fall off your belt.

I never know if I will be able to get more of these made, so if you like it, snag it.
This is the first time I’ve even had one long enough to put it on ETSY… check out what one of my customers said about the Knipper:


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my Knipper.
It is awesome. Perfect size, shape, fit and finish.
As expected, you totally rocked the sheath.
The stain is exactly what I was looking for, and of course you came through.
It’s now my favorite knife, and I am kind of a knife guy.
Bottom line.the knife, sheath, bead work together perfectly, and form the ideal EDC package.

Thanks again not only for your artistry, but also for having the eye to pull it all together
Thanks again
John P

DSC_8857 DSC_8865 DSC_8883 DSC_8892 DSC_8904

Bob’s Knipper

The Knipper is pretty badass. Terry Knipscheid makes the blades for me,  and I wrap them in one of my sheaths, make a bead and offer them almost exclusively on Instagram. If you’d like one, let me know .

DSC_8433 DSC_8435 DSC_8469 DSC_8486 DSC_8495

Special ETSY Sale – 20% off Purchases of $100+

How’s this, for a limited time during November 2015 I will be offering
> a 20% discounted from all sales of more than $100.(only items in my store, not custom work)
Go to ETSY, shop, put what you want in your cart.
Go check out and enter: NOV2015

If you were thinking of getting something, go and get it.
I am not sure when I will end this sale, but I do know that it wont last long!

the icon tool

serene dream2










Chad’s big Fin

Chad wanted a big Fin that would accept bills in a graceful way – unfolded. I adapted the setup Ive been using in my Longbone wallets and made it fit a bigger Fin. it worked great and will be my new “from now on” setup, I was that happy with it.

DSC_8389DSC_8430 DSC_8421 DSC_8416 DSC_8403

the snoof change thing

The Snoof is a construction of my own design, riffed off of an old standard turn of the century coin purse. The outside is a great super mellow natural veg tan, which i left alone -unusual for me. This is one clean unit.

DSC_8500 DSC_8503

the Low Riddah – LongBone Chain Wallet




DSC_8839 DSC_8853








































What is this?
its the Low Riddah
a long bone wallet

the long bone is a big wallet. it holds a lot of stuff.

This is a unique, one of a kind unit. Its made of veg tan leather.  Its heavily decorated with a combo of textures, patterns and carving, never to be duplicated. The colors are insane and as it ages, they will really start to pop. The thread is a beautiful blue, you are not going to see anywhere.

This is a wallet that can hold all of the cards, bills and paper that is associated with modern life., with a bit of “steveb” style to it. The wallet is comfortable (it 8oz, not my usual excessive 10-12!), somewhat lightweight and flexible. it fits in a jeans pocket (a portion sticks above the pocket) and a cool brass shackle lets you attach a chain if you wish, or your keys.

The snap closure billet has a 1981 vintage penny that snaps it closed, but is placed high enough up on the wallet to not be a pain in the ass to take in and out of your pocket. firmly in your pocket.

This unit is lined with dyed deerskin that one of my customers donated to the cause (thanks Boomer) that is well seasoned and aged, good stuff.

This measures 7.25″ long and 4 inches wide – big
There are slots for cards, flaps for organizing and securing bills – this is a unit setup for duty.

I have happy customers, please take a look:

for more general info:

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Bob’s FXR Dash

Bob got himself a nice dash set for his FXR. Held on by brass bolts, it wont go anywhere and two plys that are glued and stitched, guarantee it will last. Far out.



JohnP is happy with his Knipper! Yay!

I love getting emails like this after a long week. Thanks for the kind words John, I am really happy you like your Knipper. This blade/sheath combo is designed for exactly what you are using it for: every day carry. Very Cool! Thanks a lot for letting me know you are happy. I wish more of my customers did (hint hint)!



Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my Knipper. It is awesome. Perfect size, shape, fit and finish. As expected,
you totally rocked the sheath. The stain is exactly what I was looking for, and of course you came through. It’s now my favorite knife, and I am kind of a knife guy. Bottom line.the knife, sheath, bead work together perfectly, and form the ideal EDC package.
Thanks again not only for your artistry, but also for having the eye to pull it all together
Thanks again
John P


Steve Got my wallet today.

Got my wallet today. That thing is bad ass! Can’t wait to start getting it broke in.
I really appreciate your quick turn around. 
I’ll be getting ahold of you soon to get a couple more items.
Thank You 
BryanDSC_6364DSC_6433DSC_6419 DSC_6404 DSC_6387 r

Jay’s wallet!

Hijinx Apparel Jay has one of my wallets – its been in his pocket for quite some time.
He’s been very happy with it.
thanks Jay
jay.hijinx wallet

Mark G. is happy with his Knipper

I have been offering, on a very limited basis a sheath/blade combo called the Knipper. For the most part, I only show these on Instagram, where they get scooped up pretty quickly. I have been working with a great guy and bladesmith by the name of Terry Knipschied, he makes the blades, I make the sheath and bead. This first round of blades has stag handles and came out really good.

The entire blade is 5″ long, and is a real utility blade, this is an everyday carry item, small and inconspicuous.

So, I love getting these notes back from customers, really is nice and affirms I am on the right path, insofar as design and holding the line on quality. I am also starting to work with metal a little. My weak entree into metalworking are the beads I am pairing up with the Knipper blades: copper, brass and bronze.

This note comes from MarkG, a longtime, repeat customer whose gotten wallets, belts and now a blade from me. Thanks Mark!

Hey, Steve  Guess what came yesterday? You’re the man!! As usual any package from you never disappoints. The knife is sweet and the sheath is perfect, both color and design. Thank you for the great work, your work is truly addictive and will be hearing from me soon :)   Mark G.

The Knipper

The Knipper





The Summer Knipper Series

Summer is well underway. I like Summer, the weather is nice, the bikes beckon, we BBQ, we go to the beach, we eat, drink and be merry, we go to the pool, whatever,  and the shop is hot.

For me, a hot shop is tougher to work in than a cold shop. I can always warm up, not so when it comes to cooling down. Once I’ve reached nuclear operating temperatures, it takes me some time before temperatures return to the “land of the living” zone. So I spend less time in the shop, unless I have a custom order, or need to work on one of my machines.

I’ve not adapted my brief bag concept to a Women’s shoulder bag, that was on the agenda, I’ve not done a few things – Summer is not a good time for me to focus. Honestly, I’d rather just hang out. But that lazy bones way ‘o life is done with, at least for the short term – I have some work to do.

Las year, I invested in some quality, custom maker, bench knives. I got the pieces from Terry Knipschield and was really happy with them. These precious pieces are the kind of blades you don’t have to sharpen, simply strop. I’d been looking for a bladesmith to collaborate with with a project I had in mind, but it turned out to be a pain in the butt , depending on other people, and so I went to Terry and told him what I wanted to do.

I thought my ask was pretty simple – I wanted a very small 5″ long , very high quality, totally usable, everyday carry, subtle,  scaled down fixed blade, with some interesting natural scales. Terry thought for a minute and then came back with a “yes, I can do that as a matter of fact”, and shared he already had blanks he could use. Luckily for me, a person had come to him some time back wanting a run of  small blades. Terry started the run, cut a few blades – but the person had disappeared, and so the blanks sat in a drawer…

I’ve learned that shop knives need scales of man made material that simply wont shrink or react. Not so with sheath knives, and so I asked Terry what he had in stock. He had an idea and the material to make these extra special, he had some small pieces of Stag horn that was decades old that would do it. He made one up, a prototype, shipped it to me and I loved it.  I showed it to a few people and wound up selling it off of my belt; this was in January. I called Terry and asked for the rest of the 5 blanks to be made into the knife/sheath combo,  I was calling the “Knipper”.

6 months later the 5, 5″ long blades are done (no one should ever complain about my turnaround times), and they look great, just as good as the prototype. Already, without trying to sell them,  3 of the 5 are spoken for, so If you are up for one of these limited edition sets: Sheath, Blade and Bead, let me know!

The sheath is made from some very thick 10-12oz veg tan, it’s tooled, wet formed, sewn, glued; and I use a piece of Latigo to tidy up and strengthen the belt loop. This sewn in belt loop holds the blade TIGHT to your body. It’s an heirloom kind of setup, made to last and to wear.

And that’s right, in special circumstances like these, I am making my own beads (copper & brass) to go on a leather thong (no paracord), so you can get to this unit, as I make the sheath deep.

Thanks Terry, and thanks to my great customers!

The Knipper

The Knipper





A New Direction. Shoulder Bags for Men & Women, from Steveb Leatherworks

Hello All:
I’ve been busy in the shop, working on some new things and trying to mix it up a bit. While I love making wallets, belts, and some of the other goodies that you’ll find in my ETSY Store – I felt like I needed a new challenge. I want to avoid getting stale and predictable.









Being a NYC native and former commuter, I love bags. Shoulder bags, gym bags, messenger bags, briefs, computer cases, etc. You get the picture. If there is a special bag for a specific usage, I have identified, I get it – or in this case, make it. There is a pile of black Cordura balistic material in my bag closet. TUMI is the brand I favor, for its strength, timeless design and utility. Patagonia, North face and Osprey gear is pretty good also.








On public transpo, I try and travel light. My every day carry in a shoulder bag is my 11″ MacBook Air, a Moleskine journal, my keys, a set of headphones, a charger cable and my iPad. Pretty simple. If its raining I throw in a small collapsible Totes umbrella.









Not being on the train much and trying to simplify, I carry less these days. I decided to apply some of my ideas to a bag. Keeping it small enough so I wouldn’t be tempted to take stuff I don’t need… was a challenge. How much space is enough?









Many templates and mockups later, I came up with a bag design, that can be modified if needed, to be more masculine, more feminine, taller or deeper. I made one, the initial prototype for myself and started using it when going out to meetings. That’s the bag I am showing here.



Beautiful tanned leather, accented by veg tan pieces
Latigo shoulder strap, with built in comfort pad
hand carry handle
secure, easy to use flap closure
inside pocket with pen loops
inside key keeper leash
brass & copper hardware
latigo (red) accents
snap close back pocket for magazines or papers
Size…. I can make them any size.






I am up for making a small run, a limited number of bags similar to this.
If you’d like one, please let me know, as we can work out the details.
And ladies – a few tweaks and this can be a great purse type unit… just saying.






SALE>spend $150+ @ my ETSY store and get 20% off,
code SpringSale2015.
        Running until: 5/3

Kits Belt

Kits Belt



Hello April

Image/ Joey Dinardo

Image/ Joey Dinardo

Jenna’s tiny Fin: a Happy Story

This is one of those stories that my close family and friends are not going to believe. They aren’t going to believe it because I exercised HUGE patience, found some restraint and dug down deep to find a sense of humor in it all, and once I did- it was all good.
So, long story short – Jenna emails me, she is the wife of a repeat customer. He’s been scoping FIN chain wallets on my ETSY store, and she is calling to see if we can make a special one for him as a birthday surprise. She’d like me to carve an Indian head figure on it, really plush it out and add a chain. OK, and I am good with making his birthday as a deadline.
I got busy right away, and knocked out a really nice Fin for him. Used birth year pennies, added a great chain, the color it is sweet – I finish it, take some pictures and I pack it up and send it to Jenna. Only to hear back 3 days later.
Jenna: the wallet is great, I love it, but it is too big
Me: The wallet is exactly the size of the one you looked at in my store, there is no other size
Jenna: the picture is deceiving, it looks smaller, this wallet is too big
Me: the dimensions are listed on ETSY, its exactly that size
Jenna: the wallet is too big, what can we do? Can you make a smaller one?
Me: This is a custom wallet, you want me to make another one, but smaller?
Jenna: Yes, this wallet is too big
Me: return that wallet and I’ll make a smaller version of it

Too big!

So you get the idea – Jenna beat me into submission, she wore me down, she wanted a Tiny Fin wallet – and she was going to get it! Now the Fin is a funky shape and not an efficient use of space, so I wasn’t sure it’d work well, and besides I always make a prototype of any new design to troubleshoot stuff. Problem was I had to hustle, the birthday date was fast approaching. So I hustled, made two (a prototype and the real one) and made the date, shipped the new wallet (the RIGHT ) size and all was well.
And I injected a little Polynesian influence into this new chunky unit and…
I heard back  from Jenna:
You did such an amazing job on that wallet! Thank you so much for working with me  And being so flexible! You will most definitely Hear from me again (because he wants the belt next!) I’d be flattered to be named after the wallet. Will it be called indecisive or pain in the neck?  :) hopefully neither!   Thanks again! I will post a review after he opens it!  Jenna 

Mark’s belt: A Happy Story

Mark is a repeat customer that I hear from every now and then.  I’ve made him a belt, a pocket wallet, maybe another thing or two, and now another belt. I’ll say it again and I’ll say it every time stuff like this happens – my customers are loyal and they rule!

“Steve,  The belt arrived yesterday, it came out truly amazing.

I attached a pic of the pocket wallet you did for me a few years ago. You suggested a deep deep dark chocolate brown that looks almost black. You said it would age better and you were 100% right.  Looks great, been using every day for the last three years or so.

Thanks for the great job on this new belt and the super fast turnaround. You defiantly have a life time customer.  Thinking of a belt for work next. The shit I  bought at Century 21 last year before has already started peeling and cracking.  Talk soon, thanks again  Mark.”

Thank you Mark, your support means alot as does your taking the time to let me know how happy you are.
Mark George's wallet 11.14

Good news from Goose

Goose writes:
Steve, You have truly outdone yourself!  I picked up the new wallet and belt today and am very happy with how much fine detail is in every inch.  The added details of the pennies with my year of birth, the  combination of stamps, and the subtle color variations are  great details that really mean something to me!!   The wallet chain is unbelievable in the both the weight and quality.  

Your eye for details have put this combo over the top.  I can’t put the right adjectives together to describe how much I love your work, but I hope you understand the intent.  You are a very gifted artist and I am very happy you do what you do!
Many thanks for everything!
I’ll definitely stay in touch and let you know how all of your pieces are aging!  I have worn your other wallet daily for seven years and it still looks new.  I clean my two belts and wallet occasionally with a little Fiebing’s saddle soap and then condition them with Ko-Cho-Line.  They still look and feel like new.  Most times I destroy wallets in 3-4 years.  
It’s a testament to the quality of the materials and the work that you do!
Once again, thank you very much!  
 ************** ************** ************** **************

Many of the folks I have done Leatherwork for over the 10+ years have returned to me multiple times.  I’ve gotten numerous (4+) requests from many of them, and I think its pretty cool and always humbling. Considering the strongest vote you have is with your wallet, I feel  damn fortunate.  I used to feel lucky, kind of like “wow, how did that happen!” After a few years, I realized (could admit to myself, is more like it) that I was doing something that people liked, and to stop apologizing for the different-ness, time and cost – and to basically, keep doing what I was doing. That was a revelatory moment, equal parts scary and liberating.

So my work has changed over the years and my customers have rolled with it. I’ve gotten more into color, super deep patterns, as opposed to carving, I’ve figured out how to make stuff more durable and still keep it real simple. Simple is good.

I was turned on to “Simplicity” by Alan Siegel, one of the founders of Siegel+Gale. Having breakfast with him one morning in the mid-1990’s at The Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, while his driver waited outside, I realized that Simple didn’t mean dumb,  “no money” or downstream. I began to realize Simple was smart, and although I was too young at the time to fully absorb the lesson, I was given a clue.

Before I go too deep down the rabbit hole here, my point is that I have tried in most areas of my life, especially my creative work – to keep it Simple and to trust my muse – and well, so far keeping it Simple works for me.

So I translate Simple in my Leatherwork to mean: no unnecessary add-ons or embellishments, no zippers, I stick with slab construction, everything is glued, lined & stitched, all hardware is thoughtfully selected and in the case of rivets, I use washers. I use brass, a metal which develops great patina and personality and finally, I use great Leather. And in pursuing Simplicty I have had to muddle though unfathomable complexity.

But as I think I am getting closer, Simplicity slithers away, and I have to hunt harder!

Goose, is one of those wonderful people who came back for a third (or maybe fourth?) time for a set of EDC goods: wallet, fob, belt. And invited me to go to town, and so I did!


























































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