Thanks so much Steve! I received the Fob and I'm digging it. Thank you for the skangler! I'm currently looking at a belt purchase from you, just trying to choose is the difficult part -David

Great craftsmanship great dude to work with! DP

This guy here @steveb_leatherworks, Steve. He is leather artist. I just got a belt for me , and a collar and leash for my dog Boone, I am amazed at the workmanship. Thank you very much Steve. #goodasfuck #qualityleather #leathersmith #leatherwork #niceasfuck Shawn G.

I've got a $800 hand made silver wallet chain with with Maltese crosses. Problem is when a carry a handgun it clangs against my holster. Not ideal for concealed carry. This leather leash is just the ticket. I now leave my silver chain in my dresser. That's how much I like this one. RE

Sheath arrived, Beautiful, Thank you Money Order mailed yesterday. JCH

I got The Brassy Trail Hound - Belt Fob & Wallet Chain combo, I absolutely love this, it's such a different piece. Just super cool! Thank you! PLM

Really a top notch piece of work. Just solid. The Leashicle will last a lifetime. Many thanks! LYNN

Steve is a gifted craftsman who takes pride in his work. I've purchased 4-5 items from him ....some for myself, some as gifts for family and friends. Everyone is thrilled with the product and very impressed with the workmanship. I'll be back .JohnH

Beautiful craftsmanship and excellent quality.When I need a wallet, or any leather good for that matter, I know where I'll be spending my money.Highly recommend and could not be any more pleased. Really quick shipping as well. B.Lowe

I was immediately drawn to this wallet because of its uniqueness. I really didn't worry about the price because I knew this was an original piece and that my husband would love it!! And he does! What I appreciated about the service, is how quick and accommodating Steve showed towards my purchase. I indicated that this was a Valentine's Day gift for my husband so not only did I get the order the very next day, but it was nicely wrapped ready to be presented. Although this was my first purchase it definitely won't be my last! A forever customer. (Thanks Steve) Nanette

The wallet is exceeded my expectations. I have wanted a steveb wallet for years and finally have one. The interaction was easy and shipping was fast. The description was spot on. Thanks again, I plan to purchase more leather in the future. John

Outstanding design, materials and craftsmanship! The belts look just as good as they do in the photos. The craftsmanship is wonderful - I expect this belt to last a long, long time, even with daily use & wear. Would buy from again! - Brian

Awesome quality and craftsmanship. Second to none. Impressive customer service. My buckle didn't fit on it at first as the leather was too thick. I sent it and my buckle to Steve and it came back working perfectly and fitting me better. I can't wait to get a new buckle and get another one of these belts made to fit it. - Rudy

Steve, - Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my Knipper. It is awesome. Perfect size, shape, fit and finish. As expected, you totally rocked the sheath. The stain is exactly what I was looking for, and of course you came through. It's now my favorite knife, and I am kind of a knife guy. Bottom line.the knife, sheath, bead work together perfectly, and form the ideal EDC package. Thanks again not only for your artistry, but also for having the eye to pull it all together. Thanks again John P

Awesome, You totally nailed the sheath! Thanks much! John

This is the nicest wallet I have ever owned. Not too big (like many chain wallets are), but not too small to keep all my cards in. Comfortable in my pocket and starts a conversation when I pull it out. Outstanding craftsmanship, I have never seen better. Thanks - Rudy

I just got in from vacation. I love the wallet. Thank you Darin

Steve, - The Wheeled King Fin arrived yesterday afternoon. Absolutely awesome...a new favorite! Thank you again. Like Christmas walking up to the house and finding a SteveB box on the step. Hope you all have a great Fall. Winter has begun to set in here. Had almost two straight weeks of rain and after the weather cleared yesterday revealed snow covered mountains along with temps in the 40s. Send our best to the family. Andy & Liz

Just wanted to drop you a line, my leather key keeper arrived today! Awesome work man! I'm loving it (thanks). Can't go wrong with added stickers too! Soon as Etsy lets me comment I will. Thanks again James!

Hey, Steve Guess what came yesterday? You’re the man!! As usual any package from you never disappoints. The knife is sweet and the sheath is perfect, both color and design. Thank you for the great work, your work is truly addictive and will be hearing from me soon :) Mark G.

I just wanted to tell you how much everyone loves the wallet..definitely a one of a kind. Thank you so much and I hope you gets tons of business. have a wonderful day - Dawn

If you're looking for some cheap thin leather that you'll have to replace in 6 months you're at the wrong place. If you're looking for old school quality with an artistic flair look no further. Make sure you pick out something you really like because it's going to be around for a long time. Thanks Steve for doing what you do . Don

Steve Got my wallet today. That thing is bad ass! Can't wait to start getting it broke in. I really appreciate your quick turn around. I'll be getting a hold of you soon to get a couple more items. Thank You Bryan F

- Steve, You have truly outdone yourself! I picked up the new wallet and belt today and am very happy with how much fine detail is in every inch. The added details of the pennies with my year of birth, the combination of stamps, and the subtle color variations are great details that really mean something to me!! - The wallet chain is unbelievable in the both the weight and quality. Your eye for details have put this combo over the top. I can't put the right adjectives together to describe how much I love your work, but I hope you understand the intent. - You are a very gifted artist and I am very happy you do what you do! Many thanks for everything I'll definitely stay in touch and let you know how all of your pieces are ageing! - I have worn your other wallet daily for seven years and it still looks new. I clean my two belts and wallet occasionally with a little Fiebing's saddle soap and then condition them with Ko-Cho-Line. They still look and feel like new. Most times I destroy wallets in 3-4 years. - It's a testament to the quality of the materials and the work that you do! Once again, thank you very much! Goose

Steve, The belt arrived yesterday, it came out truly amazing. Thanks for the great job and super fast turnaround. You defiantly have a life time customer. Thinking of a belt for work next, the shit I buy at Century 21 starts peeling and cracking. Talk soon, thanks again Mark.

Just wanted to shoot you a quick message to compliment your craft. Some of the most beautiful patterning and dyejobs I've ever seen in custom leatherworking. Keep up the great work.

Fantastic wallet, great piece of work - thanks Brian

Beautiful belt. Everything as advertised with quick delivery. Thanks! Jon

Both belts - Perfect and perfect. Need to shed a few pounds now though. Martin

You did such an amazing job on that wallet! Thank you so much for working with me And being so flexible! You will most definitely Hear from me again (because he wants the belt next!) I'd be flattered to be named after the wallet. Will it be called indecisive or pain in the neck :) hopefully neither! Thanks again! I will post a review after he opens it! - Jenna

Steve, I got everything yesterday. I love it all. Yet again, you've nailed it. I can't wait to use the guitar strap - it is just so cool. And I love the belts & fobs, and the knife works for my boot perfectly. All in all, everything is perfect and I am looking forward to my next order (once I think of something!) Thanks, Mat

The wallet exceeded my expectations. I have wanted a steveb wallet for years and finally have one. The interaction was easy and shipping was fast. The description was spot on. Thanks again, I plan to purchase more leather in the future. JR

"the pocket wallet is" Small, tough and beautiful. It holds my money on the outside and my cards on the inside. Thanks Steve. SteveT

Steve, Seven years and it still looks new! You make a damn "fin" wallet and belts!! I wear it daily and it has been great. I think I should buy another wallet in the this belt's color. You got anything? Let me know. Thanks again!!! Goose

Got the belt. It's awesome. Nice job. BrianM

Once in a while when I wear your handmade belt, I think, “Which one of my relatives will wear this when I’m long gone?” Then, I picture them with the same thought. This is truly a timeless piece of art that will be around for a long time. Thanks for c reating a family heirloom. There is good stuff, and then there is great stuff. This belt falls into the later category. SteveT

Steve - good afternoon from Alaska once again! Hope everything is going well and that business is good. i know I already placed my order, but I want to add something to it..... We dig your craft & the functional art you create. Keep up the great work, thank you. Andy

Just got my wallet!!!! All i can say is AWSOME work and quality!!!!!! Fast delivery Thank You again... PS i will be contacting you to have custom work done by the end of the week. - Kim

This belt Fob is MUCH more beautiful than the pictures show! Thank you once again Steve for the quality leatherwork! Jerry

Thank you Steve for another masterpiece! You are the man! JH

I LOVE this belt fob. Steve is obviously very talented when it comes to leather products. Thanks! Mat

at first I thought 300 bucks was a bit steep for wallet but after looking at all of the details and craftsmanship and work you put into it including all those hours I can understand why they cost so much. I've never seen a wallet as well made as this one is and I would recommend to anyone looking at a wallet to check out Steveb. drizzit101

I was immediately drawn to this wallet because of its uniqueness. I really didn't worry about the price because I knew this was an original piece and that my husband would love it!! And he does! What I appreciated about the service, is how quick and accommodating Steve showed towards my purchase. I indicated that this was a Valentine's Day gift for my husband so not only did I get the order the very next day, but it was nicely wrapped ready to be presented. Although this was my first purchase it definitely won't be my last! A forever customer. (Thanks Steve) Nanette

Very good quality work, awesome wallet. Aaron

Awesome quality and craftsmanship. Second to none. Impressive customer service. My buckle didn't fit on it at first as the leather was too thick. I sent it and my buckle to Steve and it came back working perfectly and fitting me better. I can't wait to get a new buckle and get another one of these belts made to fit it. - Rudy

This is the nicest wallet I have ever owned. Not too big (like many chain wallets are), but not too small to keep all my cards in. Comfortable in my pocket and starts a conversation when I pull it out. Outstanding craftsmanship, I have never seen better. Thanks - RE

SteveB knocked it out of the park again!! - Mike A

Above and beyond the standard billfold. It rocks - hummbusa

Outstanding design, materials and craftsmanship! The belts look just as good as they do in the photos. The craftsmanship is wonderful - I expect this belt to last a long, long time, even with daily use & wear. Would buy from again! velvetbrian

This is the nicest wallet I have ever owned. Not too big (like many chain wallets are), but not too small to keep all my cards in. Comfortable in my pocket and starts a conversation when I pull it out. Outstanding craftsmanship, I have never seen better. Thanks - RE

Awesome quality and craftsmanship. Second to none. Impressive customer service. My buckle didn't fit on it at first as the leather was too thick. I sent it and my buckle to Steve and it came back working perfectly and fitting me better. I can't wait to get a new buckle and get another one of these belts made to fit it. - Rudy

I received the tool sheath yesterday. Thank you very much! The design is fantastic. The pancake approach makes it lie nice and flat. Love the basket weave design and the construction is very robust…stylish, yet rugged. Thanks, Mark

Hey, I got my order today and wanted to say thank you so much. Another great quality piece that will last me forever! And I love the book, I already started reading through it. Very interesting! With my order there was a little piece of leather (what looks like a piece from a belt) tied onto what you wrapped the belt fob in. I am wondering if you could make a belt off of this design? If that is possible, please let me know as I'd love to run some ideas by you for it! Thanks, Mat

Got the wallet!fucking nice piece of art!! really like it thanks!!! Phil

Received wallet and fob today.Can't say enough amazing work and quality.Fob matches belt perfectly and maroon/mahogany color on the wallet is spot on.I can promise you one thing as long as your poundn i'm buyn.Look foward to some more projects in the future. Over and out, Boomer

My belt was even more beautiful than I anticipated--certainly more sturdy than any belt I have ever owned. It is a pleasure to put it on. I receive many compliments and questions. I will be ordering another belt in the near future. It took two years of kicking the tires, but I am totally happy. Roger

All I can say is that this is the baddest wallet I have ever seen! I'm stoked!!!!! Thank you man!!!!! Mike A.

I was so thrilled that the wallet came yesterday, nicely wrapped up I must add :-), that I couldn't wait until Valentine's day to give it to my husband. The excitement on his face was sooo priceless. He loves it!!!! Thank you N******

Got my wallet and belt from SteveB.. I totally dig them both!!! Quality handmade in the USA!!! If you like cool shit.. This is it!!!!Mikey

Hey Steve Thanks for the killer belt, it got here today. Love the pattern and color of it, much appreciated. I'm sure I'll be getting some more leather goods from you in the future. You do beautiful work. Cheers Chris

WOW> Received belt in mail today. A surprise as I didn't know it had shipped. It's quite tasteful/beautiful. My husband will definitely enjoy it. THANK YOU so much for getting it to me on time as well. It will make a wonderful gift. Catherine

Steve~ I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note and tell you how happy I am with the Black Dress belt that you crafted for me. Like all the other custom work that you have done for me,this belt is long on quality and workmanship and gets plenty of compliments from friends and associates. Be Well, Fireman Steve

Hi Steve, Got the wallet today and it looks great! The size is just right for me too. Thanks much, Scott

Got the belt and it is a great piece of work. The black surpirised me at fist but the more I looked at with the color of the ray skin it really worked great. Thanks again for a great original piece that I have already had people asking about. Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy. Oh yea thanks for the T too. - - Butch

I received the belt and it's very, very nice! I like it a lot, thank you. Your work is over the top excellent and that's hard to find these days. Thanks, Pat

steve, the fob and wallet is cooler than it looks online. I was a little unsure of the fin style, Im glad i took the gamble, I dont think it wouldn't have been complete without that fob and chain. Im on the hunt for one of your belts now thanks - - Dennis

Hey SteveB, Just wanted to say thanks for everything! Got the fob and wallet today and they are amazing. Of course I knew they would be as I ordered a wallet from you back in the day. It said Hemi on it...Well the good news is the wallet is just as amazing as it was when I got it and the bad news is I don't have a Hemi anymore so might have to get with you about getting a Chevy design. Anyway again thanks brother and take care. Jeffrey

Steve, Received the travel wallet...awesome! A phenomenal piece of work. Thank you. Andy

Steve, I can't express how happy I am with the amazing workmanship that you put in to the sheath for my Buck Fixed Blade Hunting Knife. The attention to detail makes it beautiful and its design leaves functionality unlimited! Thanks Again, SteveP

Just got the wallet in the mail. It is exactly what I thought it would be and thank you so much for being so timely. Your attention to detail, but no frivolous accessories, is exquisite. Can't tell you how much i appreciate real craftsmanship. Drizz

Steve, I wear both belts you made me every single day, the one belt that is a tad narrower I wear with my suit, my suits are classic three piece   Saville Row style English suits and it looks great with them. The other belt I wear when not at work with my jeans and it too looks great which is why I am going to order a third from you real soon, best, Mark

Steve, Just got the guitar strap. HOLY SHIT! Your work is hands down the nicest. I noticed your attention to detal in it; the NH on one end is textured with no texture around it while the other NH isn't textured yet around it is, the flames on either end, right down to the very fine lines in all the center designs. I'll try and get some actions shots this weekend with it. VERY happy about this, Steve. Thank you very much. Jon

I just received my wallet. Absolutely spot on, AMAZING! I work construction, I have no doubt that I've found a wallet that will finally stand up to the abuses of my trade. I've tried to instill in my two kids that we have a choice each and every day, where to spend the money we make. Spend it on crap, or spend it on good old fashioned Made In America quality. The wallet you made for me will be high atop power poles, and in the bottom of mud filled ditches. Each time I pull a buck out of it for a cup of coffee, I'll see true quality and be reminded of my favorite past time.........cruising across the countryside on my Indian! Thanks, Jeff

Picked Up My "One -Off" Custom Leather belt from SteveB Leatherworks this weekend...Love it! One-off means just that, one-off! If you like something,order it before someone else does! Un- surpassed craftmanship and top quality material leaves me with a belt that I will have forever! - Steve P.

I just recently purchased one of your church plus wallets and I am super satisfied with literally every aspect of its construction, durability, and quality. You definitely have an amazing talent. I absolutely love the wallet - Dan

I recently had the pleasure of working with SteveB on a unique project that required his expertise in leather working. Stephen asked all the right questions and then fashioned a custom leather sheath that fit my needs perfectly. Top shelf product from a top shelf guy! Bob Feather

Glad to see that you are spendinding time with the leather work. I still want to get a belt from you and was wondering if the measuring / ordering process is the same. I wanted to let you know that my wallet and pocket wallet, which I use everyday since getting them, have to be the best I have ever owned and unless I should loose them I know they will last forever.Thanks\ Butch

Steve i just received my belt and wallet today it is bad ass i went to the club house to show it off to everybody they could not believe how good it looks you are a true craftsman of your trade. thanks for making me the coolest wallet and belt around. LANCE

Steve, I just received and put on the belt you made for me. I do not quite know what I was expecting, something along the lines of what you made, but even in my wildest dreams I did not think it would be this beautiful. It really is gorgeous and more than what I had hoped for, you are a craftsman of the highest order and I feel privileged to own this - I can easily see this passed down to one of my nephews when I kick it. Thank you very much. once again, thank you so much. We need people like you in North America to keep craftsmanship alive and well. all the best, Mark


I love your site and all the pictures - you do amazing work, Without having received the first belt, I am already thinking of sending some cash off to get a second made. Mark

Hello Steve,: You made a belt for me a few years back and just want to say how much I love it. It is my everyday wearer (if that is a word). Should I condition it with anything? How about cleaning it, anything special I should be doing (I have done nothing)? I wear it riding, camping and to work. Anthony

Steve, This is an outstanding piece of wearable art. First of all, let me apologize for the blade being so sharp that you cut yourself. In every piece of art you create, you impart a little piece of yourself, and in this case you literally did so. If you are considering commissioning Steve B to create art, you cannot comprehend the exemplary quality of his detailed art unless you are holding any of his other works in your hands. His art is functional, practical, yet overall, there is a simplicity to the design that is elegant and purposeful yet executed flawlessly. While this may be an overstatement, Steve's work is a refinement beyond what others make, and this refinement makes his work stand out immediately from anything you have ever seen before, or frankly will see again, unless you decide like I have to commission further functional art from him.

The closest explanation is that a artist begins his career emulating the designs and techniques of others whose work he respects in hope to discover their own "Style." He pays his props to those that have gone before him, and in time the artist begins to get a sense of "Self" that he imparts to his work. Later, this style often gets progressively more complicated as he increases his skill and wants to justifiably show it off. Finally, in time, when he masters his art with over 10,000 hours of work in his area of endeavour, he distils his work into art that is devoid of useless ornamentation and excess fringe. He creates a object that, at its core, is a truly beautiful work that is simple, yet is expertly crafted with the highest of technical expertise. Steve, You have truly outdone yourself. Vr, Mike

First let me say that the belt is a fine piece of leather crafting and it even fits! Your attention to detail is impeccable, truely looks nice. So even if the job at hand is not one you would prefer to do, the craftsman inside aspires to do a quality job. So stop being a whiney bastard. BTW how's the dagger? cut anything with it yet? love and respect JEB

Awesome! Thank you! Tim

Hello steve,just read the blather,sounds like your busy. I never did let you know that I got my "Dans belt" that you sent to my sister inlaws place in NY .its great and im looking for a new one. Thanks Dan

Steve, I don't know if you remember, but you made a black basket weave belt and matching wallet for me last year for Christmas (you worked with my wife Laura). I wear it daily, getting complements every time I pull my wallet out.  Thanks again for the great wallet and belt. Goose

Your wallet I purcased arrived yesterday, it is a well built, great looking piece of leather work as I expected. Your wallets are second to none, I look forward to purcasing a belt in the spring. Thanx, Dustin

Just got my COC wallet and love the hell out of it. Thanks Paul

I just wanted to let you know I received the pocket wallet and it is as sweet as the first wallet and I look forward to try and wearing both of them out. As an aside, I really like your 45 degree site. Butch

Hello Steve , I received the wallet and shirt , they look great . Thanks for helping me out , look forward to talking to you some time , I will be showing off the wallet to other friends . Take care and ride safe , Mark

Outstanding work, Steve – as usual! The concept you explained turned out better than I thought. I really dig the shape and display aspect of it. VERY cool. Now I got some udder stuff for yooz to look into…. Cheers Bill

Heya Steve- I bought two belts from you earlier this year (or was it late last year? I don't remember!) and they are awesome. One I wear everyday and everything you say about how they break in to your body and get supple is 100% true. Eric.

Got the wallet. It is beautiful! Nice to have a handcrafted piece. It isn't replacing my biker wallet, but replacing my daily wallet!!!!! Cheers, Ray


Steve great job! Thank you very much. Hope to see you soon (unofficially). Jonathan

Perfect Steve...Thanks for your time and patience. Matt

Got my pocket wallet last night - that was fast! Thanks very much - excellent work, and the new money clip is solid. I am glad you were able to use the capybara skin, I think it looks great. I will be in touch about another project soon. Thanks again -- Brant

Steve, got my belt today, It's badass.

Steve, thank you for the belt. I am very pleased with it. It turned out real nice. I will spread the word about your craft in the precints. Stan G it yesterday and have been out of the office all morning and just walked back in...BEAUTIFUL and the belts fit great!!!

Got the wallet today. It is even more than i expected from the picture on your site. Great work. Before long will have to get with you about a belt. Thanks Butch

Steve -I want to thank you for the GREAT wallet!! I must apologies, I have been out of pocket (so to speak) and am just now able to 'connect' with the outside. The wallet arrived in great shape, all of the stickers are fantastic!! Also, I have been passing all of the cards you sent out to all that ask about the wallet. Thank you again and I have no doubt I will be in touch inn the near future for additional pieces. Take care and Semper Fi!! John

The Fin is really starting to break in & stretch - I love it man, coolest wallet I've ever had... get alot of questions & compliments on it too. Take care, Nick

Got the wallet - this thing is incredible! Looking forward to breaking it in and to many years of having a bad ass unique wallet in my pocket. Thanks for doing what you do Steve. Take care, Nick

Got it Saturday, looks great thanks a lot. How much for a belt? Fred

I got my pocket wallet yesterday...looks awesome you did a perfect job as usual, im still wanting to order a belt but still kicking around ideas on what I want, however those wrist cuffs you make a pretty kick ass. Thanks Again Casey

Hey Steve, I got my pocket wallet today. On the money!! Great work as usual. I ve got to think of something else for you to make, a man can't have enough custom leather stuff. Thanks again, Mark G.

Steve- Received my lock pouch today, fantastic, the fit/size is perfect and it looks great. Thank you for exceeding my expectations! Scott

Hey Steve, just wanted to let you know that my package showed up today. The belt is bad ass. I'm looking forward to wearing it and showing it off. I imagine you'll be getting a few more orders after my friends check it out. Thanks for the shirt and stickers too. Already slapped some stickers on my workbench and work truck. Looking forward to placing another order with you down the road. Ken

Thank you VERY much for the wallet. It is amazing. I showed my dad and a friend out ours and both of them are floored by the craftsmanship. I love it Thanks again, Jon P.S. Sorry for being a pain in the balls.

Steve, I got my present the other day from Laura, "Black Belt/Wallet" and have to say you did a terrific job. I appreciate the work and time that you put into this and it definitely shows your attention to detail. I wear it with pride and have been showing it off to everyone. Thank you for your superb work and enjoy the holidays. Dennis

Steve,I know it's been a while but I just had to let you know how much I like the tool bag you made for me. As you may or may not remember, when I first received the bag I told you that it was a Christmas present for me. Your advice was to take a peek, but by the time I finally made up my mind to look, my wife had hid it away. So yesterday when the gifts were being passed out I had my first opportunity to take a look. As with the belt you made me, I am very impressed with the quality of your workmanship. The tool bag is of the highest caliber and most likely will last the rest of my life before being passed to someone else to cherish (hopefully my son). I've already transferred the tools in my Road King's saddlebag from the old army bag that's been with me since the early 70s to their new home. Once again, thank you very much.Bob

Steve, I got the package the day I left for Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Outstanding! Can’t believe you got them done that fast. Holy shit! The two guys I was riding with saw them and were really were impressed. I really like the contrast and the intensity of the flames plus the gather you made. Exactly like I wanted it. Probably going to get some additional requests on that. Can’t believe how freakin’ nice they are, Steve. VERY impressed. Can’t thank you enough. Thanks again, Steve! Bill

Steve, I received my belt today and I am very impressed with the quality. The only bad part about it is that it is so nice it makes my buckle look bad. I guess after 30 years it's time for a new one. I know you don't make tool bags often, but when you are in the mood I'd sure like to have one. Thanks for an excellent product. Bob

Wow, after receiving my Dr. Evil Fin, I could not conceive how you could top it, then the belt arrived and you certainly topped it. The belt, your design and craftsmanship are outstanding and beautiful. My wife loved the belt and its workmanship as do I. This belt will pass through the generations and it can only get better with age and miles. Thanks again for the work of art! Mike “Dr. Evil”

I just realized I totally forgot to write you and tell you what he thought. He said it was awesome. He had never thought a belt like that would be him because typically they look either too "country" or too "thug" but he said this one is just perfect. Thanks so much for your hard work and attention to detail. We will certainly contact you if we ever need any other leather work done. Valerie

great job on the belt....thanks , Ralph

I was surprised to get my husband's belt in the mail today. That was alot faster than I expected. The belt looks awesome. Good job. I will let you know what he thinks once I give it to him as a present....I doubt I can wait until our anniversary to give it to him- it is so cool I just can't wait to show him! Thanks so much. Valerie

Steve, It has been almost 3 years since you made my squire wallet...and the wallet is better today than the day I got were so right about it gaining character as time went on. Just wanted to stop in and say hey and thanks. .....Fly

sorry it took so long to get back to ya as i was out of the states.....the wallet is great and I am going to order some for my riding sons, for their birthdays...Thanks again, Ralph

Steve, Wanted to send you a quick note, I received the wallet yesterday and it exceeded all my expectations. The workmanship is unfuckinbelieveable...thanks so much for all the stickers and business cards also. The wallet was well worth the wait in everyway even though it came in a timely fashion...we need to discuss a belt next and possibly a tool bag in the near future. Thanks once again for the incredible wallet and for answering all my e mails, business with you has been a pleasure to say the least and I look forward to ordering more goods from you. Keep in touch. Your Friend Casey

Steve,thanks again for the great Dr. Evil wallet. Just saw it on the site, and the pictures are great. I'm very pleased with the wallet. I'm now looking for a belt with buckle. Thanks, Sincerely, Mike

Just got the belts today; I have to say I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. I was completely paranoid about the measurements, I must have gone and done the measurement procedure on your site on two or three belts about 10 times each to be sure I was getting the right number. The fit is perfect - big relief! A few people saw them and were suitably impressed, but a couple thought it was nuts to spend that on a belt. I asked those people how many belts they thought they bought in the last 10-15 years. They couldn't answer, but hell, 6 or 7 belts in 10-15 years at 30-50ea and they spent the same and didn't get something hand made & one of a kind. Those are the kind of people who don't appreciate lasting quality and the pride of ownership inspired by a product like the one you produce. Thanks for the extra goodies; I'll definitely be talking up your work amongst my friends and family. I am going to be ordering a belt for my wife and the squire we talked about below for me in the coming weeks. I'm also considering a couple gifts for some close buddies for the holidays. Thanks for the great work Steve! ROLO

WOW, I just can't express how beautiful your final art came out. This wallet is outstanding. Superb artistry throughout, and amazing to look at. I really love it, and it should easily pass through a few generations of Z's due to the highest quality materials. I guess the next step is for me to order a belt, but I need to look through your designs a few more times to get a better idea of what I want. Again, Thank you very much for your wonderful work! Sincerely, Mike

Hi Steve, the wallet arrived this week, it's the best birthday present I've given myself ever. how much for you to carve a belt for me? cheers, Tim

Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know I love the work, the belt and wallet are unbelievable. You were right, the brass hardware is sweet. Nice old school look. I took the clear coat off the buckle and did a little aging on it, toned it down a bit. Looks great!!!! Thanks Again, Mark

steve, just recived my wallet today, its even better than i expected, thankyou very much - Psycho!!!!!!

Hi Steve All I can say is " WOW " . I received my fin wallet today (xmas eve ) and it is awesome. The craftsmanship and detail are unbelievable . Turn around time was perfect. Thank You, MERRY CHRISTMAS Jim

.....received the sheath......... you did a great job.....the wife loves it.... thanks and have wonderful holidays....caio...Ralph

Just received the wallet today. It's awesome. I'm really impressed, and so is my wife. (She was hesitant on the money factor.) I especially like the cross and stamping pattern with it. everything's superb! Nice work... Matt

Steve, I have had my wallet from the beginning and can't say enough - how it rocks. Many years later it stills kicks... I also can't tell you how many compliments I get.... FTW ....Jason

Received wallet today, WOW !!! NICE, THANKS FOR GETTING IT OUT AS FAST AS YOU DID, IT IS APPRECIATED. It took awhile for us to hook up but the end product really is even better then the pictures of past your past projects, thanks again. Kyle

I got my belts today and they are perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for. They look great, fit great. I really appreciate the work you put into it. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll need to buy another belt from you for at least 10 - 20 years. Regards, Kevin C

Thank you for the great belt. It is well made and will support a gun holster easily. Your workmanship is excellent. I will prize this belt and I am sure it will last for many years. Jerry

Steve, Hopefully you had a good holiday season. Busy as hell here in Berdoo. I wanted to tell you that I've had a couple of outstanding compliments on my belt and points cover. I told the guys about your website and BAM, there's my belt, buckle and points cover! It made an impression. Can't tell you how great your work is. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks again, Bro. Bill Beaumont

Steve, The belt and points cover arrived today. Outstanding! Couldn't be happier. I appreciate the included letter about re-doing the points cover when it gets beyond help. Very nice. I have a ride tomorrow and will proudly display the belt and cover. Your business cards and stickers will help spread the word that your work rocks. Thanks for your effort and quality. I will DEFINITELY give you more of my business. Thanks, Steve. Bill B San Bernardino City Fire Department San Bernardino, CA

Just got it! It looks f**king awsome!!!! Thanks Steve! I will definatly be contacting you in the future for more leather items. I see a belt in my future. Thanks again. Great work. Sincerely, SSG Chuck SFFS

Hey Steveb, The tool bag is f--king awesome!! I absolutely love it and can't wait to put it on my bike. You are a true craftsman and I really admire your fine work and attention to detail. Thank you so much. When I get a chance I will e-mail you a picture with the bag on my bike. Thanks Steveb. Jeff

Steveb just got the wallet,Im not one to blow smoke up some ones ass. But i must say the wallet is off the Fuckin Hook. in our emails you were able to read me and come up with something that would please me. this wallet aint no yuppie shit !!! it is something any true biker would be proud of. And through out our emails you have been nothing less than a true proffesional it is a pleasure to deal with you. Obvously you are a man that remembers when a shovelhead was as good as it gets. looking forward to recieving the belt. Thanks Bro !!! BigMark on the west coast..............

All I can say... is that this wallet is FUCKING SWEET!!! awesome job, the craftsmanship you put into this shines through. can't wait to break it in and make it my own. i just got a new horsehide Buco clone jacket (3.75 mil hide) that I need to break in too, so they will get the break-in together this season. Marc A.

Your are one of those talented men ,… very very nice everything ………happy with it ..Love the belt fits perfect ….. very happy with everything …. Thanks again lui

steve-wallet arrived. perfecto! the" art & craft "are both dead on the money (forgive the pun). will now fix on belt. thanks for quick make. real smart packing/presentation too. rich

I love it!..It arrived rt on my birthday weekend...Thanks!...Wally

thanks for the sheath... love it. Great color and fits the knife well. Thanks again old buddy and I'm sure I'll be ordering something from you again soon. Tom

steve ,got my fin wallet and love it,people who i have shown it to think it is great workmanship as i do .thanks tom d

I received my wallet today and I am very impressed. This is by far the best wallet I have ever seen. Thank you for the wallet and for the complimentary coffee cup holder. I will definitely pass the word around. - David J

Steve:Just received my belt today and I can only come up with one word " Super".Very pleased and it fits great. Thank you very much for the quick turn around. Your work is quality and I will spread the word down here in South west florida. Thanks again, Dave B

Steve, got the wallet today... I love it! The anchor turned out great and there will be no mistaking 20 years from now that the wallet belongs to an old navy man. I'm sure I'll have some more business for you when a few of my guys see it. I'll be contacting you for a belt next. Thanks too, for the extras, Amy appreciated the coffee kuff. Its been a real pleasure dealing with you. Take care and god bless...Corey

Steve, I received my wallet today and I love it! I purchased a silver chain from Nino925 that I had attached to it, and it really sets it apart from anything I've seen. Well, I think this will be the last wallet that I have to order from you, althought in a few years I may just want to order another, not to mention a belt which I hope Santa will order for me. I just wanted to say thank you for the wallet and the cup sleeve. Mike Casey

Good afternoon. Got my wallet late one word, awesome! The craftsmanship, "one-off" design, durability, uniqueness and feel are impeccable. As a military family (both Liz and myself currently serving) it is great to see such pride and quality of made in the USA. For all of us serving I thank you. Your product is worth every cent and will see its share of travels throughout the world because I carry it with the same pride it was made with. With this said, expect some more work coming your way. I have a feeling Liz will be next and I'll be soon to follow with a belt, then the rest of our families, etc. Thank you again! Liz, the family coffee conniseur, loves the coffee cup cuff. Take care, stay warm and keep in mind riding season is less than two months away. Andy & Liz /Alaska

Hey Steve. Just got home to a new wallet. Feel free to quote me on this, "It #@*%!ING rocks!!!" Sweet workmanship and timely delivery. Thanks for making it a great experience. I'll try to sell more for you. Chris.Morris /NJ

Steve, I don't know how many times I can say "You did it again", but, well.. you did it again! The tool bag is perfect. You promised me you'd make it real "nicey-nice" and you sure did. I love it.. couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for the great work.. bag feels like it's built to last forever. Take care, buddy. TomP /New Jersey

Got a short Christmas story for ya. As of yesterday, the wallet still hadn't come,hence my earlier "where the hell is it?" email. I live in 'very' rural CA, so I can see/hear any delivery-van miles before it gets to me, and they 'always' come at the same time so I was 'sure' it hadn't come. Needless to say, I was a little bummed, 'cause this was 'the' present I was looking forward to. So I get up this am and my wife sez, "Honey, why don't you open one of your presents?" This is totally out of character for her, so I'm goin', "No, I'll wait." After a few go-rounds, she gets 'that look' and not wanting to get a frying-pan up-side of the head I agree. You guessed it. The wallet had arrived while I was at work. It's awesome, bro'. The detail blows me away. Thanks for both gifts; the incredible piece of art and the gift of humility. I find it healthy when I'm humbled, as the depth of that gift reminds me of what I am and what I'm not. Merry Christmas. Boonie :-)

steveb,Man words cant describe it, you have outdone yourself, can't thank you enough. I can't wait to get home and rock it.Take care man... Meeks in Iraq

Stevie B... Once again you took the idea I had and turned it into an amazing piece of work. The wallet is perfect... I almost don't want to give it as a gift like I intended! Beautifully done.. top notch craftmanship. I'll be sending you some ideas for a tool bag soon. Thanks again buddy. -Tom best regards Tom /New Jersey

Thanks for the custom wallet...the craftsmanship is beyond outstanding. Not only does it rock, but I didn't have to wait weeks and weeks to get it. Thanks again and I will be back for that belt one day soon. Fly/Kentucky

Steve, Not only are you a pleasure to deal with, but you are one hell of a craftsman. You took my vision and turned into a piece of art that I can wear! For those of you who are looking for a unique belt, wallet or tool bag, mark my words, you will be ecstatic too! When can you start my wallet?? B/R, Anthony

Stevie B... awesome wallet, man. You nailed the custom design perfectly and the "fin" style wallet definitely adds to the uniqueness factor. I think I'd be hard pressed to ever find another wallet quite like this one. Thanks for everything.. you make your customers feel like an old friend right off the bat. Take it easy. Tom/New Jersey

I really like the Red Maltese Cross wallet you made me. You did a great job! I'll put your cards on the counter at the local bike shop. Thanks again.../Tim

Steve, just wanted to give you a heads up. UPS just delivered it about 10 minutes ago.Talk about a kick ass piece of work. The belt looks awesome. You have some exceptional craftsmanship. I will definately put in another order for a matching wallet or a belt for my wife. Thnks for all your hard work and may your business prosper and grow. Stay cool,/Javi

Okay, Steve Now I'm being truly for real. I'm seriously knocked out by the belt and by how far you've come as a leather craftsman in such a relatively short period. There. Now I'm jumping out of your bed. Sam Whitehead /NYC

I got the wallet and it's fantastic! I think it's perfect. great work! I really appreciate it. Dan @ PB&J /Shelton, CT

This is a beautiful wallet, it is fantastic I love it. My friends will be in touch, they want wallets and belts, so get ready. It was well worth the price, thanks again. Steve H /Louisiana

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