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Archive for August, 2008

Sturgis 2008 – a trip fo sho

So, I went to Sturgis this year. Got radical, didnt bring a bike. I know I know – why?  Well, I got my reasons- but for the most part it comes down to the fact that if I brought a bike – I’d be on it and not doing what i set out to do, which was reconnect […]

Bill’s radio gear strap – out the door

Bill is a fire guy, big shot – a Chief or something like that – I forget. Anyway – he is important enough to have to carry a radio. I mean thats pretty important right? They dont let everyone carry a radio do they? Anyway, Bill wanted to pimp out his radio rig, having been a customer of mine previously, Bill knew what to […]

time to roll up to Vermont?

Friday afternoon…..another holiday here is here, heralding the end of summer..hmmm…a good time to scheme getting some “last licks” road trippin’ in, what do you think? Can I squeak another one in? I feel like a kid scheming his next cut class. Got a bunch of work waiting for me on the bench, the “events” agenda is […]

Big thanks to Paul Levey @ MarCom

Thanks to Paul Levey at marcom   I have a fancy new front end on my site – thanks Paul, you rock. I will say it again friends, its better having a friend who can help manage this devil box powered electronical stuff than it is a Dr. in the family, or a lawyer for that matter. […]

Frechette Belt – done!

Sent another belt out, this one is a piece o’ work – concho’s, florettes, fancy buckle set with tip and keeper, its all here. Two departures from the norm for me with this belt – the first being i riveted through the belt and lining (normally I’d try and avoid putting holes in the lining), but i […]