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Archive for October, 2009

happy halloween

item of the day

I like trucks!

basket-y fin

this is one of the series of wallets with split personalities…  


Back in the day, i had an outstanding collection of glass insulators. The Boss hated them, so i gave them away.. they weighed a ton, i had no real place to put them where i could show them, so i passed ’em on. Makes me think of all the stuff we’ve let run through our […]


this design, a favorite, has a ton going on texture wise…a sweet feel to the hand and durable as hell.

Church Wallet

Got a whole new thing to offer all of youse – the Church wallet. 6oz veg tan, crazy paisley leather print lining…brass hardware.. small sized..chain ready… the bees knees Got the idea, inspiration and motivation from Jeff Wright, proprietor of Church of Choppers – a talented fellow in his own right (no pun intended). Bike […]

tasty red thread fin

a great ride for lunch

went out with the gray hairs –  chucky, jack and big boy (the monster wearing shorts) for a ride to eat today.  it was a spectacular day – nothing better than new england in the fall with your friends… on country back roads

St. Leo’s Fair.3

Bronx Botanical Gardens.2

i am telling ya – if you live in the NYC tri-state area or have plans to visit… make it a point to come spend 4 hours at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, they’re beautiful and available for your pleasure, year round.

tasty buckle

i am really liking this color these days, super deep and rich, avoiding the poo color UPS browns.


Oysterfest is another local affair. The weather sucked this year, but i soldiered out alone (can you believe no one wanted to come) and scoped the scene. Did the solo wolf deal, had a beer, some spectacularly crappy BBQ and some greasy fried clams to top it off. Went home feelin a bit sick. Ick

St. Leo’s Fair.2

I love whack a mole, one of my best games, but am a little too big to really enjoy the Clff Hanger and Scooter rides.

handy sucker

This handy sucker takes a pad and pen. I leave one in the car and one in my bag.


I totally dig these little guys on their scooters – hardcore in every sense of the word. Totally focussed on the moment, these little warriors hung with the big dogs at the local ramp and shared the space like champs – showing deference to the big dogs at just the right moments. Here’s to the […]

Bronx Botanical Gardens.1

Went to this NYC landmark greenery spot with the Boss one day. One of the iconic landmarks you go as a kid on a class trip,  honestly I’d not been back since – and i have to say – it rocked – what a great place to spend the day. Exotic plant fare, fantastically manicured […]

Dave’s belt

This fancy, one of a kind belt came out nice! Dave was real happy about it too!

St.Leo’s Fair.1

St. Leo’s Fair is one of those ultra-local shindigs where the  kids run free with their friends and everyone eats fried shit, plays silly carny games and hangs out. I love the local fairs we’ve got like this.


Flynch – ya ever heard the name? Well, if you’re a disenfrachised malcontent biker kinda wannabe character who reads and has been in the Harley game for awhile, you’ll know him. If not,  sorry, you missed it. Well anyway, I am deeply honored by a Flynch write-up on his blog. Very cool. I dont get […]

tough pick-em-up

I’ve been running most of my hot rod & bike images on 45dgree, but thought I’d share this with youse here. great attitude…

Lake Erie in a good mood

So, meet the mellow side of Lake Erie. It can be a wonderfully beautiful place when it is in the mood.

Buffalo Waterfront

Buffalo’s waterfront is all along Lake Erie. A meaner, nastier piece of sonofabitch water you are not likely to find. Lake Erie can be placid as a pond and then a howling banshee in a matter of minutes, pretty crazy to see this – and near all of the weather in Buffalo is created by […]

Savona Diner

On one of my excursions, I happened across the town of Savona and opted to dine at Mom’s Savona Diner. Pretty much the only thing in Savona. The pancakes were big and heavy, the bacon crisp and the cuppa joe, endless Think on this… why eat corporate crap when you can get food like this […]

years in the making

This beautiful red rod is the end result of 30 years of work. It is cool to see old guys drive these stinkers around on their respective club’s Hot Rod nights. I can only imagine how different these characters looked as young men when they started these projects. Now they drive to their collection point, […]