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Archive for September, 2009

pretty softail

Overbaked by my standards, but still a pretty piece o chrome arn, I saw this stinker at the Sycamore one afternoon. Funny, I was standing there looking at it, camera in hand ready to award it the Coontail award of the day, thinking to my superior self, “oh man, he must a paid some heavy […]

wheels on far

for your viewing pleasure… 

faces of NYC

faces tell alot about the world a person lives in..some faces are 10 miles of hard road and others are babes like, full of innocence and wonder. In the workaday world in NYC, often the only break you get from your routine is if you “run down” for a smoke. I know that I looked forward […]

When Mom was a kid

What would we do without pictures of the people we love, of the people that are gone – but certainly not forgotten. I think these visual reference points are important, I know they help me keep my sail filled with wind, even in the doldrums- and my compass set. 


Umberto’s is a pretty good clam house, often in the dog days of summer they set up a oyster bar  right on the street so you can pick up a ncie cold refreshing oyster or clam, right there for $2-4 ea. niiice!  An added bonus is that their cocktail sauce has so much horseradish in […]

quickie with shank

Took a quick ride with Shank today. It didn’t suck.

new skins for the shiny penny

So having a “new bike” is still a thrill, happy to say. The shiny penny already has 14,500 miles and I opted to be smart and replace my skins before they were baldini’s. First time I’ve seen this bike on a lift…  I gave up changing tires by hand when i sold Big Blue, my […]


Lame, ridiculous, excessive, unnecessary…but in some twisted way…. useful.. I am ashamed to say i kinda dig it. I hear the snickers….Bad enough i drive a garbage barge, but to add crap like this to it seems like unecessary buffoonery. I know, I know – but if youve ever been on the road trying to […]


Looking for the good wood requires you visit places like Stecks.


Some art just makes ya stop, pay attention and think. I really liked this piece, found in NYC at Grand Central Station… kind of reminded me of Jenny Holzer, an artist whose work i always liked…

all over the country

All over the country there are kids playing baseball, dogs chasing those kids and more kids playing in mud puddles. Aint life grand?

Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show

Pupkin & I hit the BIBS today…. love that, Bibs, anyway….. We rode down from the great wild north for a dose of some severely urban scenery and probably pissed off like a half million people stuck in multi ton cages due to our lane splitting antics  through some pretty good traffic on the blight ways […]

the crap-a-charger, a necessary fandangler

Even in this day and age – they cant give this POS away. Come an get ’em!!!

MORE new wallets lookin’ for homes!

Got two new Squires in stock for those that are in the mood. These are pretty cool, one  – Squire 4 – is off the hook… I dont know what i was thinking, but i like it! Beader blade cuts, all kinds of coloration and airbrushing madness…who knows what bee was in my bonnet. Of […]

daily driver

CasCo in the cold

visit 45dgree to get the nitty gritty on this chilly visit

3×5 pad & pen wallet thing

NYC nightime

NYC never sleeps, it rests when it has to, but it really doesnt get true shuteye.

toolin’ around

Freddy and I spent some time toolin round the outer boroughs of NYC today. We saw some questionable style in regards to the chrome helmeted metric rider. Chrome Domes are sooo yesterday…ya know.

super duper weenie

Yea – me an Ry-man hit the super duper weenie stand some time back to get a pre-dinner hot diggity dog snack. Doesn’t take much to get anyone in my family to break the rules when it comes to food. We just arent wired to say “no”. I will also mention that Guy Fiere came […]

pavement markers

One of the things l like best about old towns is that they have history just about everywhere, if you care to look. Personally, I like to look, and found these pavement markers embedded in some quality sidewalk concrete in Buffalo. Amazing to think that these sidewalks have lasted so long given the weather extremes […]

food in da ‘hood

Used to be we had local food shops all around  the ‘hood, at least i used to have stores like this nearby. I came from a place that had a lot of this…type of life and energy on the street. Going to the Supermarket just isn’t the same as visiting the local specialists: bread, meat, […]

NYC style

This gent was showing consummate class slicing and dicing his way through NYC mid day blech. Watching him cut through the clutter was  a bit unnerving – it was obvious no one around him saw him coming…I dont know, it always seemed so dangerous to me, being on a quiet, stealthy bike in a traffic […]

TR6 – back on the road

Well after some pretty major rebuilding in the Spring , the TR6 has been back on the road and I must pay Freddy big props for doing it right. We’ve not gotten stuck or had a breakdown once this season. ha, now we’re screwed, eh? Anyway, Freddy’s had a TR in the family for years […]