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Archive for June, 2009

imposing figure

Big Improvement. pocket wallet money clip hardware

hey now — well I was finally able to deliver on my promsie to improve the hardware on my Pocket Wallets. I have teamed up with Duckbill Designs, maker of the duckbill money clip seen here, to up the level of the utility, durability and functionality of my Pocket Wallets. The new money clip is […]

Bobby Q’s BBq

Bobby Q – Got to love the name, real jokers! The food was actually pretty good..edible for sure and with a good taste to boot. Freddy & I jumped in here the other day hoping, on the off chance, we’d a hit it big…I don’t know if i’d put it up against any of the […]

icon fin = happy customer

Sent out the Icon Fin Wallet to a new customer the other day. I really liked that wallet, the stamping pattern was really odd, the leather had a nice scar and the colors were killer. I would have kept it, if i didn’t already have like 20 others (which i need to get rid of). […]

knife sheath for a Benchmade blade

Plain and simple – this neat little Benchmade fixed blade needed a special sheath for daily carry. Cool Burgundy color, wet moulded and red thread all add up to something different!

blackhawk up

saw this 1980’s era BlackHawk the other day. In use by the NH National Guard, these guys were on a rescue mission looking for a lost hiker, using a ski resorts parking lot as a spot to land and get fueled. What a complicated piece of machinery..and the newer ones are even more complex. Amazing…I […]

Bill’s Drive -in

Bill’s is one of those places I love – homey, local, good food with a wry sense of humor and resignation.  There is a place in Riceville, IA that i stopped at years ago on a bike trip heading back east that had a similar feel to Bill’s. Shank and I busted up to Bill’s not too […]

image for today

Stupid Hassle

I hate when people abuse the little bit of authority that their job gives them, or should i say, lends them..

Bread, real bread

Unless you sucka’s live here in my ‘hood, i respectfully have to posit that you don’t know shit about bread….real bread. “B” you says – i DO know shit about bread honest. Well…I says ya dont. This is real bread and it is right from the mother of all sources – Arthur Ave, in the Bronx, NYC.

Rte. 25 house

This sad house is just about disappeared, soon to make way for a strip mall, no doubt. This is a pretty common occurrence in area that have grown up from rural beginnings where “everyone” lived on or just off, the main road. 

Arthur Ave, ok?

It’s all about Artur Avenue in the Bronx, – thats right N-Y-C- and no I dont mean the tourist-y part either – ok, ya don’t got a problem with that? doya? This area is home to the very best italian food in the tri-state area, hands, down bar none, fact – plain and simple.

oh deer

deer – like rats they are… I liked it better when Bambi’s kind were behind some kind of fency-y kind of thing, because once they are moving around in traffic, we are all in big trouble especially if you are on a bike. This shot was taken  on Freddy’s property, in the middle of the afternoon. This deer, clueless and fearless was pretty damn stupid.. 

lousy job & strong feelings…

This laser eyeball uniform wearing babe is not loving her job and she is not loving me. She has one of the worst, most unenviable jobs a person in NYC can have – NYC Traffic Enforcement. These guys get kicked, cursed and spit on.  I’d imagine the owner of this car also has some strong feelings about the scene unfolding here …

little league

It is a rite of passage for many kids. A horror for some… I am talking about Little League … here seen in Newton Massachusetts a town i was visiting in a few weeks back. A truer slice of American culture you’ll not see anywhere. This same scene plays out all across our great country, in each and every town – if you stop and look… 

pizza fit for pidgeons

I guess some pizza, not quite fit for human consumption is fit for the birds as evidenced here. Wanna bet some of these pigeons become part of the “landscape” as they chow on this feast…in the busiest of  streets..  5th Avenue…lol

Bimota DB6R, a true sex machine

Up at Bear Mtn. the other day, I saw an old dude… “older” dude..riding what i can only describe as a work of art – truly this is a beautiful piece of machinery. This is a high-dollah collectible, a Bimota DB6R, a handmade, painstakingly crafted piece of  Italian two wheeled engineering that is so far […]

Botsford Hot Dogs

Along the lines of Swanky Frank’s I present for your hot diggity doggin pleasure – Botsford Hot Dogs. Good food, but no place to squat makes stopping here kind of an iffy proposition – unless the weather is good in which case you can sit at some of the picnic tables placed outside along the edge of the parking lot. The ambiance doesn’t do alot for […]

Bike’s @ Bill’s Drive-in

Saw a mismnatched pair at Bill’s Drive In. Guys looked like friends from way back with the Harley rider of the two saying the “he tried” talking sense into his Honda riding buddy when he bought the Honda…ha.. bless our friends… whatever would we do without them?

change, big change

Back in the day, I worked around the corner of this Hotel. This was a rough and tumble neighborhood that hosted at this location – a SRO homeless squat of a place, I dont know i’d classify it as a hotel, more like a residence – nasty, drunks, druggies, fighters and troublemakers all called this dark, all business block (no residences) […]

a gift to the public? who does that?

the Boss turned me on to a really pretty spot right in our own backyard, so to speak. The property (a well known horticultural landmark)  as I understand it, was donated to the community by a wealthy resident some many years back as a Public Trust kind of thing. Tucked away right in the middle of […]

Arrowhead Fin – gone!

Clean, simple, beauty of a color, great brass chain and hot shit fob all add up to a sweet package for the new owner of the Arrowhead Fin.

sun moon & stars

So – I had a cool request from one of our serviceman currently overseas, a fine gentleman by the name of John. He had an idea for a wallet that originally was borderline not doable, at least by me. We went back and forth a bit and finally settled on this idea… I developed the art, carved it […]

proud rider

I was walking around NYC as usual, camera in hand and met a proud rider. He loves his bike and worked hard to get it…pretty obvious.