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Archive for November, 2008

brown & black -a matching pair of flap sheaths

This customer had a favorite scrimshaw blade he carried every day. Being a folder type of knife, some sort of pouch style sheath was appropriate. Being a daily carry knife, required I use a strong, tight to the body style – so it wouldn’t get hung up or snag on stuff. I decided to use […]


Good to have a selection of hammers – craftsman lump for punching tips and slots, ancient cobblers for flattening folds or setting stitching, small ball peen from my college jewelry making days for fine tuning copper rivets, traditional rawhide mallet for lighter punching duties, silver workers hammer for fine seam flattening and metal tapping . […]

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Yeah Tday – my favorite holiday of the year. An honest American holiday, with no commercial pretense: family and food – that’s it and in my mind, that’s plenty enough – I just don’t need complications right now- gimme a heapin’ helpin of simplicity willya?  Another year under our expanding waistlines, watching the kids grow is exciting […]

Toys for Tots – a look back

Just scanned some shots from attending the Toys for Tots Queen NYC run,…back in I believe, 1991 or 1993. I remember this particular ride, whatever year it as being brutally fairing, no windshield, no full face helmet -and an hour on the slab to get to where i needed to go…ah yes – the good old days. […]

Big Mark Fin – come and git it!

Big Mark wanted a special Fin. I am not going to argue with anyone whose first name is Big. A little 408 area code action seemed a good theme in his mind, I bundled this idea up with a sweet tribal flame treatment and together we made this a distinctive beauty. Red matte finish upholstery […]

remembering a friend *RIP Tommy*

You know how sometimes you see a picture and a flood of memories come back, and things seems as vivid as they were 16 years ago. I’ve been on this tear for a few months now…scanning as many of the images I have in my many, many photo albums as possible. I don’t know exactly […]

Pocket Wallets *a steveb exclusive*

No big complicated  deal from a leather-work perspective, pocket wallets are simply handy as hell. Honestly, the utility, simplicity and sheer usability of these little stinkers has me engaged. I have been considering refinements, but after playing with a few designs,i find the original is still the best. Lets you carry your bills, license, a […]

not forgetting those who serve

Agree with our Country’s policy’s or not, you have to pay props to, and give thanks for – the folks that serve in the Armed Forces. For me, politics is this big ball of confusing opaque’ness – but I am clear on one thing- the guys & gals who are serving, deserve our thanks and […]

new Copper & Brass wallet chain

Tough as nails finding brass or copper “anything” these days. The colors aren’t in favor by the fashion world which drives alot of the demand for manufacturing and so…if WalM*rt isnt buying it, folks aint making it. Bummer. Makes sourcing stuff like cool chain, clasps, jump rings, snaps, etc – tough. I used to find alot […]

Fall’s fell

We are done with Fall, say hello to Winter. It’s been flurrying, snow is no longer out of the question. Normally lush country roads are turning bare. Time to bury some nuts.

Andy’s skull-i-tacious Softail

Yep, sharing your views on a persons aesthetic taste is one of those things, kind of like a fart in the communal tub. it is one of those things in life your just better off keeping to yourself. Other qualifiers for the “keep it to yourself” awards, include include comments on: religion, politics and thoughts […]

*new* wallet chain keeper – an environmental thang

At steveb worldwide global llc inc co. we pride ourselves on unleashing a veritable torrent of innovation on our unsuspecting friends, neighbors and yes – our customers. Here at the training centre (notice the affected  “e”) we like to think of it as cruel and unusual..but really it is neither. It is actually a positive […]

Fall Fission

A week or so ago three of us busted out for a quick ride up to squirrel country and had a chance to view the last of Fall’s optimists in action. Going to get down in the low 30’s tonight and i think these idyllic 2008 moments will be rare from here on out.  In […]

handy dandy iPod ear(bud)phone case

Utility..let me ponder Utility – one of the key guiding principles behind the design of my work. Stuff has to work well first and foremost. You wont find leaherwork that is uncomfortable or unusable coming from my shop, no sir, sacrificing style for utility or comfort aint gonna happen. You might need to break a […]

Paying props to Paco

I digress from leather work and motorcycles for a day to pay props to my pal – Paco. More dog that cat as those that have met him will attest, Paco is one of our cats, and he is my buddy. Mr. Fancy Fur (he is a full blooded Russian Blue it turns out) was […]

November highlights video

the latest and greatest from Nov.08 check it out on Photobucket <click on the above link> check it out on YouTube check it out on YouTube <click on the above link>

Punchin’ Slots

I began taking orders for tool-bags again. Figured it was time. I got alot of requests and dont want to turn away the work. I make these bags out of such heavy leather, that it is a fight putting ’em together.I never break sewing needles and with this latest bag, i broke two, this stuff is iron!!  Makes for a […]

Pepe’s Pizza

Growing up in NYC, I have a pretty good idea of what pizza is about. You’ve no doubt read my scintillating review and dissertation on New Park Pizza in Howard Beach Queens previously and i will continue the story line here. When i moved to New England some years ago, the pizza situation was pretty bad…greasy, limp, […]

Scrapper for Lisa

Belts… might seem a little weird, but i invite you to meditate on the true nature of a belt with me. Sometimes in steveb land, we like to dig into the mundane and peel back a layer for contemplation, not that a belt is mundane, mind you. A  belt can be as simple as a rope with a knot, […]

Mo-ron parking

Amazing isnt it – with an empty town and sleepy Main Street, some numb nut has to part 6 inches from my ride. What is up with people?  The passenger of this car had to get out the drivers door after they saw me looking incredulously out the front window. Wanna bet this would have […]

snow…oh no!

Got this from Jason, an operative of the steveb worldwide network, and proprietor of IronThread, a high quality embroidery and design company. The pic speaks for itself. Fall is fracked, winter is the new kid in town and Vermont is one beautiful place to call home.

Sean’s order – Fin wallet & custom belt

Had the treat of making a two-piece set for one of my business associates, specifically, the gentleman who silk screened my most recent t-shirt. Sean, of Otherworld Graphics let me go to town with this set – dealers choice totally – how cool is that, I ask? Well, personally I think it is pretty damn […]

Happy Birthday Mickey!!

Well, if she was still with us, she’d have been 81 today – but that isn’t the case as she passed on in 1996. I dont even know where to begin describing her as a person, as a Mom and as a friend. The pics speak in very small part to the rich palette of experiences she enjoyed in her life. […]

Skiving for the masses

Handy tools to have for a leather crafter include ones for skiving – as way of an explanation and as I have relayed before, “skiving” is the thinning of a thickness of leather. Many tools skive and are made for this purpose, and I will touch lightly upon two here… you’ve already heard me tell of the fearsome splitter. Favorite tool of mine appropriated (but not designed) for […]