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The Rooting’ Tooting Tote – a classy way to carry the stuff you lug to work every day Copy

The bag you are looking at is the second of a series of bags that I am making.

This tote bag measures: 18″ wide x 12″ high x 5.75″ wide – perfect for a daily carry bag.

Each one is unique and bespoke. I will not make another like this.
I had ladies in mind when I designed this tote, but a guy could use it too, no reason he couldn’t.

I am branching out and bringing my look and ideas to some other daily carry things, like this tote bag. I made one for my case manager and she has really loved it, and it has gotten her a ton of comments whenever shes take it out – which is every day. She’s spilled coffee in hers and it didn’t do squat – and it’ll be the same here.

Each one of these bags is designed individually, its classic, comfortable. The handles are tuwo ply veg tan/ chrome tan, glued and stitched with Poly thread

This is a bag you can stuff with a sweater, lunch, a pair of shoes, a thermos crap and carry comfortably. The bottom is doubled up 12oz leather and a plastic sheet is laminated inside to give it that extra stiffness you need. The green closure strap allow the bag to be expanded and still securely close. The rivets used are enhanced by using contrasting washers

>   to buy the bag and get all of the details on this bag – click HERE to see whats what.

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