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Archive for March, 2009


Saw this car type thing on the street, just the other day…call me crazy but I don’t think that this is so “SMART”. Driving around NYC streets in one of these silly little electric death traps is plain dangerous.. especially when the going gets tough and metal meets..ahhhh.. plastic and foam rubber. Talk about “Unsafe at any […]

Ghosts: Eddie

 Paying props to Eddie tonight, one handsome devil of a sailor. I know he was someone special to Mickey (my Mom) – there were quite a few pictures and mentions of him in photo albums and diary entries of the time. I am pretty sure he didn’t survive the war based on  what i can piece together. I think this pic comes from 1943. All that was […]

a special treat for steveb

So, I don’t know about all of youse, but I dont get to see my friends nearly as much as I’d like to. Work, family, our own “chores o’ life” and our own individual circuits of activity often conspire to keep us from the folks we’d most like to see and spend time with. Peckering at a keyboard or […]

Jeb’s sheath and the devilish details

Good personal friend Jeb had a nice blade he wanted a hi-ride sheath for. Made this for him. Came out sweet, cool colors, funky sheath backing that holds tight to a belt,  real good cam lock that holds the blade tight, even if upside down or grabbed by someone else. if you going to wear a vest or […]

screen captured

I think our obsession with messaging and screen based stimulation has reached a new and absurd height. This picture below was taken in Union Square Park/ NYC.  The building is the Shake Shack – a pretty good place to get a snack believe it or not, even thought the park itself is a squirrel and rat infested box of dirt. The tables at […]

gittin riddy

Well, I  know its really bad now, geez –  this economy is so farked the rich folks are gittin riddy to leave land. I have a feeling this is one of the AIG guys who had to give his bonus back, for fear of being outed ….oh the shame.

stopping by the country store

so – trust is still in fashion in some spots. I love stopping by country stores. This one is not too far from the secret location. Their fresh eggs are quite good and the veggies when in season – rock. All hail the country store – where “honest abe” rules the roost. Welcome to America. 

March Wrap-up

I don’t know about all of youse, but I am pretty much done with winter.  I say, lets put March behind us and look forward to Spring and all the positive things that come with it… riding, road tripping spending time out doors and lets not forget, bbq’ing!


Met a real character today – a genuine English “horologist” who only works on maintaining ancient clockworks. Very cool guy took the time to answer some questions and let me snap a few images. Nice way to spend some time. 


Co-mingling and getting along…works. Here we’ve got a a prettied up Street Glide squatting next to a stealth black something-or-other Japanese rocket bike outside a local gym… both parked illegally on the sidewalk. Flashing a unified show of “i dont give a crap, I’ll park wherever i damn well please” and a bit o’ the dark black…on […]


Saw this piece of vintage British street meat in Brooklyn recently. From what I understand the owner leaves it outside year round and blasts about the streets on it like a man possessed.

sleepers – a readers submission

Sleeping when your anyplace but your own comfy bed, at home, insures that some sick bastid is going to take your picture and distribute it. Seems military folks have no problem or qualms about nodding anywhere, anytime – so they make easy targets. It also seems that they take great delight in pranking each other…. and so […]

class trip to planet vulcan

It’s true,  every boy loves his junk – I am no exception. I love junk, and i dig junkyards, junkstores and all manner of falling down and decrepit crap. I shit thee not – just look at my flickr stream to get my drift. I dig metal especially and have been in need of lots of […]

slick Indian wearing skirts

Found this slick indian on the street when i was out running around on the bike. Owner told me it is a 1947. I see he made made some critical charging system updates – hooyah. The full face helmet is in questionable taste, but given his extreme class in rides..I will forgive. This was a young guy to boot…

no stickers for you

i get requests from folks that are  behind bars for schwag, brochures, etc. Well today i got a returned sticker in an ominous looking package. Guess this gent isnt allowed to have stockers. Bummer, mine are nice.

dan’s belt – from the archive

Dan’s belt from back in the day – clean, simple – timeless. tasty bit of stamping, some hand-done stitching. Nickel silver buckle with keeper and billet rivets. Beauty of a thick belt, 1.5″ wide – worn daily, for years now –  it is…much loved.

fancy food

The queen and i went to a very nice dinner party for 50  at a very nice and tony place. This dinner soiree was in honor of a pals milestone birthday party, the party given to him by his wife. The spot, LeCirque is a very fancy pants kinda upscale NYC joint if ever there was one. This was not steveb taking ya […]

dog on the move

So, one of my new customers has some funny ideas about tourpak Dog travel. Kind of odd, a little weird, but definitely cool.  Rover just got his “doggles” so he is set for the coming season. Good thing he isnt a big big dog…he fits the box perfect.

Honda McCheese

I can find something to love with almost any two-wheel machine. I mean, I look at bicycles with the hairy eyeball for chrissakes, so when i come across any kind of motorcycle, i stop and scope it from stem to stern..just as i would if i were to judge it in a show – short of running my […]

Danny’s B&W Fin – from the archive

Digging back into the archive for this gem. This is one of those rare instances where a different and good idea snuck out and actually got done. Dan is a friend of Zeb, a good pal of mine and a riding partner. Zeb is also a paying customer, sporting a few bits and pieces of steveb leather garb, as does his […]

worst job

I know what the worst job is:

Max & Molle

For this installment of the blather, I will dig up a few old ghosts from days gone by. Max & Molle, my Grandparents met back in the roaring 20’s. Molle was a local long distance swimming celebrity and a ticket taker in an Australian Outback movie theatre in her town, Max was a fancy European Vaudevillian entertainer whose act was coming through town playing […]

humans take flight

the crack steveb editorial team saw this little tasty chunk o’ video content and thought – holy molasses batman – How cool is this? How crazy is this? Well in our book, this is pretty cool and this is pretty crazy.

in memory of Hotalings

I see the old city disappear…right in front of my eyes.. every day.  It stopped existing at street level years ago, with “for sale” signage and cleared, gutted street level space, with Plywood roofs above – if your looking for the old “hood” you need to look up to catch the last bits of what was…like this […]