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Archive for September, 2008

stropping it! some of the blades of leathercraft

So here i was cutting a piece of leather tonight with one of my my older’n dirt headknives (one is  from 1900, the other, about 1928)  – and realized right quick, my blade was dull, flipped it over and still not so good. Not a good feeling when your bearing down on a piece of […]

Special Collection: Belt, Squire Wallet, Gunfighter Cuff, Sheath

Getting the chance to produce a collection of various items for a customer at one time is a treat. It doesn’t happen very often, but when the opportunity arises, I am all over it, like water on a hot, greased skillet. For this special customer I had the pleasure of making a Slip Sheath for […]

about Maintenance…. and Limitations

I have always liked to work on my machines, no matter what the nature of their function might be. I am no fabricator, nor a builder – I am clearly a “maintainer” – and as our America’s last great hero, Harry said in a most memorable moment.. “a man has to know his limitations” and […]

Triple Black Belt for Terry… very mature!

Terry asked for a “triple black” belt: black background, black graphics and black thread. I gently suggested to Terry that he consider some contrast worked into the belt, to make it pop a bit and because, in my humble opinion, a black belt tends to just look like a black strip around your waist… and it absorbs the detail of the graphics, in this case […]

El Lobo belt for a repeat customer

of note…I’ve been using a new heel buckle with my last few belts and I am liking the look alot.  Has that added buit o’ fancy pants class and is comfy with a nice curve and appear well made. I got a few in both nickel and solid brass. I suspect they are made in China, because as you know – […]


Being a skateboarder, or “skater” was one of the defining characteristics of my teenage years growing up East Coast… Citizens find it hard to believe, but there are alot of similarities between bikers and skaters when it comes down it,  to those in the know…know its true and the thrill of rolling is just one of those shared DNA strands between the groups. In NYC […]

about Visiting…

I like to visit. I especially like visiting when I am on 2 wheels because the reception is always better when you get to your destination on a bike, and as we all know – riding is waaay better than driving in a cage, no matter how nice the cage may be. I like going […]

what makes a good “spot”?

Needing a ride every so often – I am always on the lookout for a good spot to use as a destination, a reason to get on the bike and a place, that once i get to it…inspires a bit of reflection. I wont get on the bike unless I am going at least 50mi, […]

calling all customers!!

Hey all  – got a request for you all – please send me a pic or two of the leather I crafted for you, I’d like to see how its holding up & what it looks like. Consider it research if you will. If I can get a shot of you (on the bike, in your shop, […]

iPhone case

I like simple and i like functional. Although i dress up my work with as much ornamentation as a person can stand – the piece has to work to a high standard, my standard. Something as simple as a phone case presents a myriad of choices if you take the time to think about it – which i do… shape, material, mounting […]

Belt for Honey….roman numerals and tribal flames…oh yeah

It is alot of fun coming up with something that is a surprise gift. I think it really says alot about the gift-giver, thinking that far ahead, going through the added hassle of connecting with me (not that that is a bad thing, right?…right?) and working it out. It is alot easier to go to a store […]

steveb Tourpak strap upgrade – sordid details

So, I am looking to develop a few items that are easy to bolt-on and change up from the o-so-popular modern FL series, the goal of which is to help make the ride more distinctive. Since i have an 08 StreetGlide, I have a vested interest in coming up with a few bits and pieces.  I bought an Anniv. […]

Sunday Afternoon ride

Had one heck of a storm blow through here last night, while i was in the shop working, only to awake to bluebird skies and a little bit of stuff blown around. Ran to the local hardware emporium early this AM to get a few bits and pieces to make the new tourpak strap set i made work well AND […]

remember when?

rain riding with my crew is better than no riding. new hampshire.1993   remember when no one you knew owned a windshield, let a alone a dresser and there were maybe even a few shovels traveling with you?

Plain Black Fin Wallet…sort of

So every once in awhile I am not able to convince a customer to let me go nuts…I hate when that happens!! But sometimes being open to influence results in the unexpected, and that my friends is the magic of art and collaboration. The give and take between me and my customers results in things that neither of us might have/could […]

Free The Whales Fin with a spidey web thing

So I have some customers who are the salty types, some are military, some are LEO’s, many of them bikers, some…  well who the hell knows. So I get a request from Casey (who is military) for a plain black Fin wallet, well after a little back and forth via email, we ended up with this…not quite the plain black […]

New Belt for #7’s jacket

So, old #7 needs a new belt for the jacket (that was too big for me) I sold him , like 10 years ago. Seems the “cheap junk” wore out after 10 hard riding years so #7 says to me – ” i need a new belt for the jacket – and then hands me […]