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Archive for October, 2012

Keeping Pants Up: it’s no mean feat

You are going to tell me that keeping your pants up is not important? Please Do you want to be one of those no-shirt having, pants falling down around his ankle characters like in (the show) Cops. Hail no, you sure don’t ya’ll. What you want is a fine device like the one displayed here […]

Proto-Manta plug belt….. waxing poetic on color

So to continue on with the Proto-Manta plug belt saga.. I wanted to talk about color a bit. Black is the turd in the punchbowl when it comes to leathercraft. There isn’t a skilled leather crafter alive that likes to work in black. Black sucks – it soaks up detail like the dickens. Black, unless […]

Proto-Manta plug belt done and in testing

I love the sound of  “proto-manta-belt”, feels like I could have a ray gun hanging from it, and not be out of place.  Well I don’t know that I’ll be slinging a ray gun any time soon, but i can say this – creating a good looking plug inlay with a skin like Manta ray […]