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Archive for December, 2010

pocket wallets rule

you need one if you carry cash & cards. buy one here<<

Cordovan Map case

this is a tough as hell unit. If you still use paper maps (as a man should) you need this, trust me… available here<<

Smoove move map case available

this is a handy unit for the saddlebag or under the car seat get it here<<

Red Thread Super Squire available

this is one sweet Super Squire  – classy and classic get it here<

Camo Squire available

got a real nice classic Squire ready for a home available here<

Squire3 available

this is a cool two tone beastie available here<

Brown Check Book Cover – with barb wire scar!

I dont do alot of these.. do you pay bills? do you write checks? then get this <here

Red Sunburst Fin available

this is one ncie wallet get it here  <<<

Moleskine Journal Cover available

you sit in meetings? you need to write stuff down? you want to show some class and dump the yellow pad? you need this < get it here

Buckle 5 available

a sweet buckle for the lady who knows the diff available here< fits a 1.5″ belt

buckle 4 available

another winner in the series of buckles! get it here<<

Buckle 1 available

this is one nice stamped leather buckle for a 1.5″ wide belt. get it here

Buckle 1 available

this is one nice stamped leather buckle for a 1.5″ wide belt. get it here

Halecky Blade & Sheath combo

here is a great and tough set – handmade from the best materials. One of a kind and beautiful. See it here.

Brown Border Wallet available

check out this new design, takes bills, has a clasp and can take a chain – or not! see it here brown border wallet -back

2Tone Wallet available

Got a sweetie here for ya! A new design that has a clasp and takes bills and can accommodate a chain or not. Chain not included

Manta Sheath & Halecky Blade available

Got a really nice sheath/blade combo available for your carrying pleasure, available here…

Rockstar fin available

Got an outstanding piece o work – the rockstar fin available here