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Archive for June, 2010

new sheath, thanks Ray

Made this new sheath for MYSELF out of Manta Ray scraps gifted to me by Paul Cox, leather-craftsman of great repute. I really haven’t ever done much with skins, other than using them as a decorative inlay at odd times, but Paul gave me a bag of scraps and so i thought i’d play. The […]

follow-up on “customer-no-service”

So, the last time I checked in – I was pissed. Well, I got this missive from Tempur-Pedic based on their seeing my post… Dear Steve,  My name is Margaret and I work for Tempur-Pedic.  Part of my job entails working through social media; Facebook, online submissions, etc.  This morning, I was made aware of your Customer […]

Customer-No-Service from Tempur-Pedic…

Customer-no-service from Tempur-Pedic… OK, here is a rant for ya! So, its like this see….I purchased a Tempur-Pedic travel pillow a year or so ago. Having a screwed up neck combined with regular travel, meant I had to do something as most pillows would leave me feeling “not-so-good” the next morning and to tell the […]

What a great way to end the week.

Holy Shit – this is what I got in my inbox yesterday…talk about ending the week on a sweet note!!  Thanks Mike a great, repeat customer….  Steve,  This is an outstanding piece of wearable art.  First of all, let me apologize for the blade being so sharp that you cut yourself. (I do with nearly […]