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Archive for May, 2009

Bx. still life

Just a typical day in the hood. Fireman on the street, folks running around. All is good. Fo youse not in the know – Bx.  – it stands for “da bronx” – aight? 

i love the american story

Visited a most historic battleground recently..It was good and kind of reminded me that this country has some great history. Check out the pics and then do a little research on the significance of this battlefield/historic site. Can’t help but feel the sense of “big stuff a happenin” when you are here…

Honda Street meat

Although i am a Harley fan and devotee, i am no hater of metric brands… at all. Owners show pride the same as the HD riders.. and here is a fine example…You can only imagine it is not easy to keep a nice bike in the city or keep a bike nice in the city – but […]

Vista Store

Want to pay props to the Vista market for their outstanding beer selection. I am surrounded by all manner of “lick her” stores” an for the most part – they all suck. I am sure they are good stores, but I don’t drink much but beer these days – and their beer selections stink. They vary in […]

Happening’s in Cali

Trying to keep me knowledgeable on a national scale, my friends and readers send me info about all sorts of cool local happenings. I tend to be pretty much focussed on what is happening in line of sight from the end of my nose and the East Coast in particular, so these missives really help and I thank all […]

Pat’s flaming belt

Just cant get enough of producing flame belts..telling ya! I love making them and have been mashing-up this  flame style for awhile now, kind of a small-C, tribal thing going on. Hope you like ’em. Get in touch if you want one! 

Leatherman & Maglite innovation!!

Truth be told, i didn’t come up with the idea…actually Fast Eddie made something like this which was the inspiration. I saw his construct in Sturgis last year and had been meaning to do something like it since.  Well, I finally got around to it, and after rigorous testing, I have to admit – this piece is ready for prime time… come and get ’em!! […]

modern man is an asshole

So – in this spot there was once a beautiful waterfront neighborhood filled with great homes..kind of like this. Huge Industry moved in, devastated the ecological environment with its detritus, scuttling of neighborhoods and creation of hamlets of indigent and factory poor. Interstate 95 then cut the neighborhood in half stranding folks on one side and ruining a local culture…the skells and creeps moved in…the indigent moved in… taxes weren’t paid, the govenrment wound up owning the land and did what int […]

Map Case – New Product!

I’ve made some handy stuff for myself since I’ve been involved in leather craft. When I travel, i prefer a paper map, so have usually wound up getting at least one of those big pain in the ass Atlas type books every season or two. They take  a beating because of their size and so […]

niiice view

Well, courtesty of my Northern-most good friend and fellow operative Jason (Ironthread fame) you’ve seen the Green Mtn’s of VT in the Fall, winter and now Spring. Jason writes… Steve, Our backyard view changes every minute penidng weather. Here is a afternoon shot last week after a high ele storm.

visiting satan’s kingdom

i love it, i get to be both all salty and “in your face” with the title of today’s post, but at the same time, i get to teach you all something..!  ha – home run! Took a beautiful 200mi.ride up North and back for a family dinner last night and left early enough so […]

people watching.bryant park

One of my favortite past times – people watching in NYC One of the best places to do it on a sunny Spring day – Bryant Park, 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. When i first began working in NYC in the early 1980’s – this park was a rat infested, overgrown hangout for the homeless, […]

the scene in .jp

I am a big fan of the Japanese two-wheel street scene. There is a cut&paste art component attached to this culture and i think it is great. These guys are so rowdy, smart and subversive – i cant help but smile when i see their work! We need some more  of this in NYC, methinks… The art […]

There then…I have NOT disappeared!

Yea, the best laid plans can turn out not-quite-right sometimes and the past week is an example of yours truly being a turkey and not testing the “auto-publish” feature on my blog. Ya see, I have been away for the past couple of days on a multi-day, multi-state two-wheeler road trip that I was going to tell […]

fat boy in progress

Piece by piece this beast is coming together.

traveler book restaurant

Well after yesterdays vitriol regarding the vandalization of Pleasure Beach, I figure I will pay my faithful readers back by turning you onto a special treat of a place and lightening the mood a bit- the Traveler Book restaurant it is an unusual spot that ALWAYS satisfies. You can read some of the sordid details […]

I just don’t get it…

So, I like investigating and recording the state of all sorts of sites, from industrial wastelands to residential oddities. Finding these locations is tricky and getting images of them is often even trickier. I was told about Pleasure Island, a nearby site from another photog who has a great deal of experience in working with these sites […]

trip to da dealer

It’s all good in harley-land.

special Journal for E

I made a special Journal for a special friend and very good person – Elisa – proprietor of Genuine Motorworks in Brooklyn  NY, purveyor of all things American and fashion. Used a few cool and unusual effects on this journal, from the beader blades cuts to the colors and custom adjustable pen loop, because as we all know – pens come in different […]

A&S Delicatessen – all about the goodness

Seeing as how I am on a eat whatever the hell I want diet, I eat  whatever I want, pretty much whenever i want it. I am not on all the goddamn drugs that I will no doubt be forced to take at some point, so up until the time the sawbones says “B – you got to […]

2 memorable shows

I’ll admit it up front…I am a fan of the Grateful Dead. I used to go to alot of shows, I travelled large distances with my friends when i was in college to see shows. Really, I was more of a Hot Tuna fan if the truth be told, but found a warm place in my heart […]

swanky franks

Technically, Swanky Franks  is a restaurant and not street meat, but – so what?

Basketweave Fin wallet

Basketweave wallets rock, especially when they are partnered up with a nice brass chain and fancy fob. 

oh geez

Took a good look at what is happening on the roads. In a word it is, disturbing.