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Archive for April, 2009

spring on the hill

Got an update from Jason, Northernmost operative of the steveb global worldwide network. He was checking snowpack and moose tracks …a vital and important aspect of our global warming thing…and J is on stink on a dog. I love getting updates about the goings on all around…makes the world a great and smaller place…please […]

the Circle Dot

You’ve all heard me rant and rave and carry on about how we should support our local business. I think it is really important if we want to retain some semblance of uniqueness to our individual towns and villages. I would hate to see this country keep on the path of developing and approving the building of strip malls and other […]

a snapshot in time…1993

16 years is a pretty long time insofar as looking in the rear view… and alot of water has passed under the proverbial  bridge. In these images, I welcome you to another “typical” 1993 Sunday morning ride with the standard crew at the time. Some of these folks are no longer amongst the living or have fallen off the radar… making the images here even […]

First Snow

Well here today, we got some weather folks – yikes. Who cranked the dial up so far, so quick? I thought we had one of those plastic lock boxes over the thermostat so the jokers couldnt prank us. Ha – well the jokes on us..I think it got to 90 today. Time wise, it feels […]

Simple Fin Chain Wallet

Here for your viewing pleasure is a Simple Fin, stitched with red thread accompanied by a cool fob and brass chain. Not alot to say other than in situations like this, you can really appreciate the quality and grain of the leather I work with. There is no substitute for good material. 

good night out with the nephew

Saw a good show with the nephew the other night. Well, actually half the show was good. The Edgar Winger half of the show absolutely rocked.  The Johnny half was not so impressive with Mr. Winter being seated, obviously not well and really not performance ready. I saw him years ago and he was great, super high energy, bar […]

Tasty Trumpet for a sunny, summery Friday

Here’s a tasty bit for your Friday! Ran across this red headed cutie. I love the older British bike look… spindly frames, massive drum brakes with vents, tight, small complex-but precise leak prone gadgetry… very cool. Maintaining anything more than 60mph for an hour on a stock bike will exhaust both rider and machine – so they aren’t really […]


Arrgh! Ya want a hot dog in Southern Connecticut? You are not going to find a street meat cart to satisfy your craving, no no no…your going to need to identify a restaurant or deli (a hens tooth for sure round these parts) that’s got the goods. This poses a challenge to the newbie, unitiatied and those not in the general […]

flowery fin

Made this handsome Wallet with a sweet brass chain & matching fob. The flower is a 100yr old western saddlemakers’ll not see another like it. The coloration is super rich. Who needs black when you can get this?

Sunday afternoon

 Freddy & I met up at the Duck on a recent Sunday afternoon. Enjoyed some adult beverages, watched some crap on the TV busting Benjamins fancy barware @ the Duck

Papaya King

Just in case you were wondering, a close second to the oft imitated Grays Papaya is Papaya King. You can get a pretty good dog and a whipped papaya drink here. There, now you can begin your week!

Genuine Motorworks *grand opening*

Shout out and major props to Elisa and Bobby for getting Genuine Motorworks open and off the ground. You’ll find all kinds of really cool stuff at this Brooklyn store including Jeff Decker castings, cool clothes and books and my leather work.

Deckers Scrapper

So you all read my crap about the belt buckle that i findingled from every one’s favorite sculptor, artist, collector of all things motorcycle, Jeff Decker. If you didn’t, go back and read it here, fer cryin out, loud: we must have continuity in the storyline. So I finally got the decks clear to knock […]

the price of parking it somewhere

The price of parking in NYC… in a word, brutal. 

basketweave phone case

I have some crafty customers. This one supplied a “buck” in the size and shape of his phone for me to use to make the case. It came out nice and i like the color.

on his own terms

Saw this bike parked in the morning and then out sweeping corners later in the day. The owner, obviously not a newbie cleaned and neatened up his VTX to be quite a respectable low buck custom hot-rod. Nice job.

lightweight basketweave fin

Knocked this beauty out just the other day,  made it from a thinner stock than “normal” in an attempt to lighten the load, from both karmic and mass perspectives.Came out really nice, the stamping is deep and clear and feels great to the hand and looks good to the eye. The color is my off […]

a different lens

Three random images from a recent day in NYC. Holding a camera forces you to see the world a slightly different way if you tale the responsibility seriously. Welcome to Monday  – I invite you to see your world through a slightly different lens today – let me know how it feels. Send me the […]


The new Harley xr1200 is a sweet bike. I had a chance to get up close to one today and thought it was realy well done. If I was a young guy starting out  – this is a bike I’d check into.

Not for nothing

Hey now – didnt I call this like 2 months or so ago – Freddy’s wood is still sitting in his driveway. If you dont stack the damn wood when ya get it – this is what will happen… it will season in your driveway…lol I am telling ya  – the only reason any of it has […]

Alexander Calder

I have been a huge fan of Alexander Calder’s work, since i saw it in a museum when i was a kid. I think it was one of the huge mobiles he had installed in MoMA that floored me on a 3rd grade class trip. Maybe you’ve see his work, and if so, I can only hope […]


Check out these worn granite steps outside of Grand Central Station. This is a back entrance used primarily by commuters. That is some serious wear, or maybe not considering those steps are probably 75+ years old.  If you stood at this spot from 515p to 730p, Mon-Fri, you’d think you were in the middle of a human salmon […]

meet Beano

We’ve got 2 cats at the secret location. I’ve always been a cat guy and the Boss is a cat gal – so in the many years we’ve been cohabiting , we’ve always had house cats as part of our life. They suit my disposition and they are great company, really adding alot to the overall ecosystem of our […]

pomp and circumstance

I’ve said on these very pages that one rarely sees a HD parked on the streets of NYC. it is true, but alas, today we had the nexus of timing and happenstance, allowing the capture of this rare occurrence. For your pleasure, I present to you – one over baked RoadKing with handlebar speakers..I hope […]