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Archive for November, 2009


Handy’s is one of those local places I always rail about. Handy’s is a 3rd generation breakfast lunch joint, it rocks and it happens to be in Burlington Vt.


what is it with wings? why do we love ’em so much?


if you see Jake on his sportster…i have one word of!

Big W’s bbq

All i will say about Big W’s is this>  it is the best I’ve had on the East Coast. I drive 1.5hrs to eat Big W’s brisket. It rules.

pocket wallet 3

the finest of all holiday gifts – the inscrutable steveb pocket wallet!

shanks turns…

Another year older… so in celebration of his increasing decrepitude, Freddy & I took him for lunch at the Redding Road House and then for a smoke at one of our favored spots. it was a good day.

pocket wallet 2

another great and useful piece with the most indestructible and unbendable of all money clips! it’s for sale, so come and get it… looking for some holiday gifts? Get to me soon….

bottom feeder humor

remember when this was funny? I admit, it still cracks me up.

tank dash panel

this tank pouch has been on freddy’s bike for about 5 years. Not bad for a piece of leather that has been alternately soaked, dried and in general- abused. Not getting paid for it, just makes it better!

pocket wallet 1

it’s a sweetie, come and get it!     these new money clips are the shit!


A wonderful local orchard, farm, road stand kind of spot

My Girl, a custom rod

How cool, how well done is this car? Well, it’s damn well done and damn near perfect in my opinion. Props to the old dude who owns it.

map case’s

map case’s make great gifts and are useful for all the vehicles in your life…..

to the point, fin

i get requests for straight black wallets all the time. The white thread is the “poppy” concession to style…

handful a squire

this unit feels great in the hand and in the pocket, just big enough for what is needed…

collection obsession

He who shall reman unnamed, one of my friends, is into Simpsons stuff, in a big way. Check out the comic books sitting around…ha!

dang Squire

got to say, I dont know what the dang heck i was thinking, but it came out swell.. really something unusual. The lucky owner is getting a styling son-of-a-gun, for his ducats.


Dads that take their kids fishing are rulers. Fisherman are optimists. Visiting the beach rocks during July!

flower-y fin

chocolate-y Squire

this 2-tone son of a beeotch came out sweet, cool color combo…

redrum Squire

this Squire has a subtle red patch on it, that for some odd reason went nuke when i tried to shoot it… anyway, this Squire rocks, great stamping pattern offset by the smooth leather.

Sono Arts Festival.2

A fun local festival of the arts & crafts where adult people have fun and the kids and animals ago along for the ride.


This local orchard, road side fruit/veggie stand is a great destination – and the apple pie – RULES!

on the prowl

the black bomber on patrol….