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Archive for March, 2013

A very special knife sheath

When people ask me about my leatherwork and the types of things I make, I describe what I do as “things you carry on your person and over time develop a bond with”. Wallets, belts, cases and sheaths for the most part are my normal wares. Now every once in awhile I’ll knock out a […]

Fancy Pants – fancy belts, they go together!

I am not big on gadgetry when it comes to my own style of leather work. I don’t like to add lots of “stuff and decorative items” on my work. I try and keep it simple. But sometimes, its nice to step out and get fancy..we don’t live in caves,  ya know! Taking that need […]

What does hard wear look like?

Butch has been beating these beauties for a couple of years! Not too bad – check  ETSY for whats available and get to making your own patina!

Getting Fancy! Belts with oramentation….

I am not big on gadgetry when it comes to my own style of leather work. I don’t like to add lots of stuff, I don’t use “decorative items” on my work. I try and keep it simple. Simple works, it functions, its durable, its straightforward, its not “bulky”, it’s just what needed.In that vein, […]

TR’s triple black belt

Friend, neighbor, riding partner, local titan of business, TR is a good guy whose been kind enough to give me some business over the years. I’d made him a pretty unusual belt a year or so ago, a Scrapper that was pretty fun and good with jeans. It was a rugged belt that was more […]

Copying is not inventing, its COPYING!

I viewed with some amusement in the digitalmotouniverse, the proclamation that big bear choppers (BBC) is releasing a “new” machine. That bit of news caused  me to snerk ever so slightly, due to a few factors. The first important consideration in my snerki-ness is the moderately interesting and larcenous haze surrounding BBC, its owners the […]

Shrinking belt syndrome… the cure!

Ah yes, we’ve all felt it  at some point during the aging process – the dreaded shrinking belt syndrome, which is usually preceded by shrinking pants syndrome and shrinking jacket syndrome. Well some many many years ago, I’d made Chris, a beautiful flame  belt, as I called them – and he loved it and wore […]

Mail….mostly makes me happy

Most companies cringe when it comes to talking about their fan mail and comments from their customers.  Conversely, I actually have come to look forward to hearing from the people I do work for and for those in the “trade of leather”, so to speak. At first , many years ago when I’d see an […]

Ka-noodlers – to the back of the bus please!

Many of my customers come to me for custom work after previously having had a “not-so-good” experience with leather hobbyists who do “work for hire”.  It’s understandable that this happens – as it takes time to get a handle on the art, the craft and most of all the materials necessary to make something from […]