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Archive for August, 2009

a killer local bakery….

I have got to have a good Italian bakery near where i live… and lucky for me, I do. Welcome to DiMare bakery. The make it all folks, even my super special most favorite of all deserts, Italian Cheesecake – made with Ricotta, rather than Cream Cheese.  They even fresh fill my cannoli’s right there […]

when muscle roamed the street

I grew up with cars like this. They ruled the roost. In NYC, where I grew up we had alot of urban hot rodders. Most of the fast baddass cars we young male teens all boned for, were like this beauty sitting here. I dont recall many  of the old style cut downs, slammed, chopped […]

Random images. NYC

More random images from my rambles through Manhattan. Grand entrances, mysterious/odd store fronts and the absolutely normal, as ingested every day seen through my lens. Hope you enjoy these utterly common and mundane images as much as I do….a celebration of our ecosystem.

top dog, that’s what I’m talking about!

When this man isn’t installing floor coverings for a living, you can find him here selling some fine dogs. The truck is clean, the kraut and mustard fresh and tasty and the buns soft – perfect.  And he’s got cream soda!

Billy’s FXR

It is well known that i am a big fan of the venerable FXR.  I have had my 1986 vintage for many a long year and can really only say good things about the bike and its design. It is a super flexible model offering the crafty owner a few opportunities to make his mark […]


steampunk knockout

I am a big fan of this artists work, a combination of leatherwork, sculpture, casting arts, design, finishing- you name it – i think he is brilliant and a top master at his craft. Even if this isnt your thing aesthetically, you can still admire his ability, cant ya?

Brit ride

Stunning color!

JP’s flame belt

busted out a new flame for JP’s belt

Happy Customer

Ray got his new wallet, the Two-Face Super Squire, one of the wallets I had in stock on the “ready to go page“ Keep in mind you can still get a custom wallet from me (the norm) but i try to keep a few on hand for the got to go crowd….and have a few […]

brass has class


My old friend Don does electrical and lighting work on movie sets. He wears gloves when he is humping gear and he likes to clip them to his belt in beween needing them. He had some cheap crap that he used… that wouldn’t do at all and so i set Don up with this little […]


I  love the style of Italian marques, MV, Ducati and of course  Moto Guzzi. Some years back I had a V11 to ride for a bit…damn bike crippled me ergonomics wise, but it had one hell of a torquey engine and truly had the look of a swoopy sex machine nailed down tight.

new sportster

Sweet is the only way to describe the new Sportster. Lots of upgrades, design enhancements and tons of changes, all for the better, give Harley a bike that really kicks ass performance wise for a reasonable price (for Harley anyway). In Europe they cant import them fast enough and here in the USA.. .they can’t […]

ford coop

I was at Marcus Dairy on a recent Sunday drive by and saw this sweetie. Nice

Meet Frankenstein

knife sheath for a special blade

Made a new sheath for my treasured DaveyD blade. I’ve been making alot of cases lately and wanted to use some new materials – this is one of the experiments and i think it came out sweet. Love the red stitching and pebbled leather. If you have a fixed blade that is begging for a […]

the Destroyer

Harley had a cool concept – selling “dragsters in a box” – so here, meet the V-Rod Destroyer. Pretty much a bullet proof and trouble free way to get into drag racing, this is a plug and play race bike, right out of the crate. I dont know how they sold or if they are […]

the solo ride

Nothing is more liberating than traveling far distances on a bike alone. Most folks I know don’t like to travel alone and find my love of it  – odd. Don’t get me wrong, I love road tripping with my very best friends, but it is a very different experience when you travel alone. I find […]


Brant sent me a little bag made from this unusual skin called Capybara to make a pocket wallet from. It just made it size wise and was a pain in the ass to work with – very thin and fragile material – but with a very cool look and feel. In the end, after some […]


I don’t even know where to start with Marios.. other than relaying that it is the iconic Italian Food Joint in the most iconic Italian neighborhhod in NYC, namely, Arthur Avenue, located in the borough of the Bronx. The food is amazing, the ambiance, Mobster Guinea, the prices..a little silly. The best time to go […]

Sal’s Pizza & Restaurant

Sal’s is a mainstay go-to pizza spot for me & Freddy. The trick to places like Sal’s and the singular reason of their success is that they excel at the art of serving the “slice”. I have never bought a pie at Sals, only slices – and I have been coming here for a good long time – probably consumed over 50 pies (by […]

eddies thing

Eddie inspired this belt case design – it holds a mini Maglite and a Leatherman. We were in Sturgis in 2008 and on more than one occasion he had the tool needed to take on the job at hand, pulling it from a similar sheath on his belt. I asked if I could cop the […]

Eddie’s.. a local joint

While visiting Buffalo a few weeks back, i let Wiz lead the way and we wound up at Eddie’s, for afternoon shots & beers…. now I am no big drinker, but it seems the right thing to do, no matter the time of day when you are at a place like Eddie’s. The neighborhood around […]