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Archive for November, 2015

Wally’s Ride

Every year for the past 5 or so, a small group of friends get together to celebrate one of our friends, Wally who was snatched away waaaay too soon. Thi is a little taste of what the day was like…. great!  A wonderful celebration of Wally , his friends and family.

the strong arm key fob & skangler

This Fob has a one of a kind 1981 vintage nickel domed concho that you will not see anywhere else. The fob is fully lined and glued, then stitched – these stinkers will last a lifetime and look perfect as they age., This is a nice looking accessory for your belt , up to 1.75″ […]

Bronze Brass Ho Bead

The Bronze Brass Ho Bead is a bead. This is a unique piece. It is made by me, using all hand tools. It is hung on Camo paracord. As is true with all of my work, it is built to last. It is 3 5/8″ long, it is made of: a brass center bead and […]

Andy’s Knipper

When brother Andy, a hard working (outside) kinda man saw my Knipper, he wanted one. Told me straight out, I want one. It took awhile for him to come up with the scratch, but I stashed one of the original Stag horn Knippers away for him. Well, payday came, overtime in hand – and Andy got his […]

The Beady Skunk Skangler

The Beady Skunk Skanlger is a keychain dangler, or a fob dangler, or whatever the hell you want it to be kind of dangler. This is a unique piece. It is made by me, using all hand tools. The wire is thick and tough, the skulls tough, the bead tough. As is true with all […]

The Carved Knipper

This is the Carved Knipper. It’s a collaboration. The Sheath is made by me, the beautiful blade, by Terry Knipscheid, a super talented and wonderful man, located in MN. I had this idea for a EDC – every day carry -sized blade and knew of Terry through some work he’d done for me (making me […]

Bob’s Knipper

The Knipper is pretty badass. Terry Knipscheid makes the blades for me,  and I wrap them in one of my sheaths, make a bead and offer them almost exclusively on Instagram. If you’d like one, let me know .

Special ETSY Sale – 20% off Purchases of $100+

How’s this, for a limited time during November 2015 I will be offering > a 20% discounted from all sales of more than $100.(only items in my store, not custom work) Go to ETSY, shop, put what you want in your cart. Go check out and enter: NOV2015 If you were thinking of getting something, […]