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Archive for December, 2014

Holiday Discount On All Goods in My Store, until 12/26/14

It’s been a really good year. I feel lucky, I’ve certainly, like all of you – had my fair share of challenges, but all in all, it’s been good. So, I was mulling over the who, why,whats, where and hows over the past year in particular, and felt like it’d be a good thing to […]

The Throne-istan Hand Tooled Toilet Seat by steveb leatherworks

REPEAT!@ : rant mode on: so the holidays are coming and the shopping season is revving up into high gear. Now I know that many of the gifts we get for folks are “must haves – like droopy drawers”, but in the instances where you are buying a discretionary gift – please consider voting with […]

The Thunders Redux – a 1.75″ wide custom leather belt by SteveB Leatherworks

  >>>>>>>>>BUY IT HERE<<<<<<<<< The Thunders Redux is a custom, one-off belt, ready to be tailored to your waist measurements – around the brass buckle pictured. This belt will accommodate up to a 40″ measurement – using the diagram I have provided. I will tailor the belt to your size, before it is shipped to […]

The Zion – a beautiful & durable case for paper maps & other stuff from SteveB Leatherworks

This is a good gift for the guy or gal who needs “not a thing” and travels on a bike, or drives and digs paper maps. The SteveB map case is good looking unit, perfect for the saddlebag, under your car seat, in the door pouch, etc. You can put maps, a GPS (egads), a […]

The Split – a very custom, one-off, Bass or Guitar Strap

          I       ‘ve started  applying the same style of decoration and construction to instrument straps that I have to my belts – and I have to say,  the results are good.   BUY IT HERE<<<<<                 I was trying to get […]

The Blue Sky Clipboard – something special from SteveB Leatherworks

                                                      Meet the Blue Sky clipboard! I start with a good quality, standard size 9×12″ clipboard. Its then wrapped in two pieces of leather – a piece of 10-12oz […]