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Archive for July, 2009

the choke

horse play

On a visit out to the Greek’s new crib in the hinterlands of NJ with Pupkin, we came across a scene that we just dont see much in our neighborhood.

colony pizza redux

yep – you’ve been here before and so have I.. we got bar pies at the Colony on tonites menu!!  Thank god it hasn’t changed. Of course i had a Hot OIl pie with a Stinger and the boss had…the plain cheese, please. A long neck in hand, and i was good ta go! 

7.30.09 nighttime patrol

The way it is

The Passion?

I know – I need to stop picking on the Smart Car, but I cant help myself. I am sorry, I know it is wrong and that I should be loving it..but i dont. Can’t they get Jonathan Ive in to take a look at the design and the weak way this stinker is branded and named? 

last snoo?

after a stinking hot and humid weekend here in the Northeast, i thought back to this day in March, I believe.. old man winter is cruel – the last snow of the season is always a blind-sider, seems to hit just as you are reaching for your leather jacket and helmet, thinking…are we done with winter? Well in […]

Random NYC images

NYC folks love Tasti D, we love our art and we sure love our free papers…

raise your hands please

OK – i got to know, who buys this stuff? I have never, not once, in all my visits and travels have seen this kind of shite .. in any house – so? Whose buying it?


Ha – let me take this moment to show a little ass here and relay a foe pah that happened back in May when I attended the SmokeOut, I thought I’d try out some digital chicanery and auto-publish. Well, I screwed it up and the same post sat for a week. Well, i know better […]

king cobra

Saw a hottie this weekend. Meet a freshly rebuilt Cobra, a real Cobra I was told. Second time run since rebuilt. Mean machine, monster engine in a car that weighs shit, all purpose built, loud as hell, 3 inches off the ground..the Cobra is king – a thrill a minute machine if you got the […]

proud uncle

This tidbit has been has been sitting for a while so, I wanted to get it out before my my nephew is in am a proud uncle, let me tell you bass playing nephew has kept at it and now has a band that is playing out and is playing all originals to […]

bugeye thing

Eyes wide open walking around the city you see some sweet street meat and then ya see specimen’s of hardship, gestated in the NYC petri dish. Do you think this bike has seen love? coddling, a waxing and detailing or two, do you think it is a poodler? I think this machine tells a story […]

stan’s belt

Had the pleasure of making for a belt recently for a customer who is on the job. Traditional black basket-weave stamping with a little touch of bling courtesy of my trademark use of rivets in the billet. Came out understated and tasty. Now, I normally go for a contrasting thread on my belts, gives it […]


I’ve noticed alot of these dual purpose enduro type bikes out and about. I think many urban cowboy types are buying these stinkers. Is this is a replacement for jacked up hi-tone pickups, CB’s and bull riding at the local “git down” bar.

before school

Some folks talk about “old school” – but what about the guys that wrote the damn book…i mean these rocks are truly…in every sense of the word, pre-school. along these lines, I met an experienced rider some time back, he was a good guy, chatty and eager to tell a story. I think he said he has […]

sex machine

MV Agusta, in all reality are the ultimate shit in many regards when considering a hi-style, hi-tone son of a bitch race bike that can handle the streets… Aprilla an Ducati are two more, but I am not thinking of them at this moment… And ya know, I can’t say with any degree of honesty […]

Dealer drive-buy

Shank and I stopped by one of our the local Harley Dealers today. Lots of bikes on the floor.

NYC eyes open

if you have your eyes open, you will see some interesting things.

quick stop @ Gray’s Papaya

Waaay better than street meat..Grays rocks the house with its beef tubers and papaya. Now i know i shocked and reviled some of you with my last missive about street meat, But my point was this – ya have to be selective folks. You want a hot dog? You go to Grays. You want a […]

fine brazillian fare… an adventure

the boss and i went for a culinary adventure in an ethnic part of Port Chester not too long ago.. Brazillian food, served buffet style. Of course we were the only Anglo’s in the joint- like i give a shit, and the folks who owned the spot were very cool and clued us in on […]

keene park

A beauty of a park, not far from Freddy’s secret location. Very nice, very secret, very private. We like.

nice KZ

I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s- so i have a warm sport in my heart for machines such as this. Forgive me, it aint like i am wearing rust colored corduroy blazers or anything….at least not these days..ha!

blast down to da Bronx

The TR6 is running sweet and we took a blast today to grab some lunch and test the grip-tion of the Redline’s on the Merritt Parkway.