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Archive for February, 2009

Putting February to bed…

Got a quick video rundown of some of the work that been going on, and a reason to honor lux interior, singer of the Cramps, a man who died just recently. The Cramps, mmm….saw them a few times, and Lux always put on a show. Only guy that ever looked good in The soundtrack for this is courtesy of the Cramps, […]

pocket wallets comin’ up!

Mark, a serial repeat customer and owner of the black pocket wallet pictured below confimed delivery of his unit with this nice note: Hey Steve, I got my pocket wallet today. On the money!! Great work as usual. I ve got to think of something else for you to make, a man can’t have enough […]

something special

I’ve never really been much of a car chat guy. I could never really talk the  “dropped a-frame 357 hemi, with the  44 magnum, topped off a dually quadratic SU hydra dive slap stick gear box…, but only in 1967”    kind of gear head jive talk. That stuff almost smells like Sports talk to me, another lingo laden sub-language I’ve […]

NYC walk around

 The Flatiron Building is without a doubt one of my favorite landmarks, beautiful architecture and a cool location. When the lighting is right (as it was today) it is a dramatic sight to behold and since they cleaned it up some few years ago -it is a snarky hi-tone beautiful son-of a beeotch. Furthering my trek west, I […]

Flaming belt-age… B’s back on it!

Been behind the 8ball lately. Busy here, busy there…the proverbial chicken with no head….I passed myself coming while I was going…and didn’t recognize myself…hey now! Been knocking ’em down in the shop..finally got a handle on what needed to get done and one of the first things to get done was this belt for Customer […]

DJL Squire Wallet – from the archives

Yea Yea, enough rantin’ and ravin’ about the grave injustices of the world I say, back to Leather!! So, I dont make alot of Squire wallets. Seems most folks want the Fin or the Super Squire. The poor Squire is kind of the neglected kid in the steveb leatherwork fam damily.  For this unit I […]

The Horse….time for the glue factory?

I read  every motorcycle magazine I can get my hands on (Hot Bike, Cycle Source, American Iron, American Cycle, Ironworks, Barnetts, Koptieri, Hardcore Choppers, etc). I don’t read Easyriders as it is crap, a bad blend of Playboy and a played out biker mag. I’ve been reading like this since I was in my 20’s. My first subscription […]


Been seeing lots of scooters lately. I am rethinking my position on them due to the fact that you can pretty much park them anywhere (yank the license plate when you do, an old NYC trick) and they let you stay above ground to get around, thereby avoiding the subway and other odious methods of NYC travel. They are good on […]

a hard life indeed

Wandering around the city (with eyes open) causes me to reflect on the hard life everything in the city experieinces. This is no place for pussies, or pussy bikes. If you ride in NYC, you’d best be bullet proof, cause this place can put a hurtin’ on ya if your not up for it. Bikes […]

fahn dahning

More in the continuing series of NYC street food…  I dont know why it has me fascinated..but it do! I love the Big Shitty, there is absolutely a million things to see everywhere you look. If you take the time to look…  

getting the wood but good

Round these parts – getting your winter wood can be a hit or miss proposition. It can go wrong in a few places: the wood can be green and burn “hissy”, not good for the chimney, the wood can be cut to the wrong size for your application, ever try and get a manly man log into a small […]

chop @ the duck

Saw this chop out at the Duck. Good to see someone flying the Root Beer flake with traditional flames. I am not a big fan of this kind of frame geometry, but it is obvious someone took care to make a nice looking chop. They get props for riding it when the roads are crappy and the weather , […]

the thing of it

I saw this on the COC blog, believe it was posted by noot.  Kind of stopped me for a few reasons. The bike…a basket of a Sportster, a baby, a young wife…like this chap didnt have enough going on…right?  He took on the rebuild of this bike himself, hmmm, looks to me like he has a new house too, a […]

pretty knuck

Was in Daytona some time back and ran into this beauty at an AMCA meet. Not sure how true to the original it is, but it sure is pretty. Enjoy!

tool time

Ya got to have tools when you tear into a bike, like Freddy’s Fat Boyee. an of course ya got to have a clown like me getting in the way with his camera. Ha ha!

the boss’s foot

The boss had her foot fixed today. No fun, with a capital No. But, she manned up and went through with it like a champ, I am not a big fan of screws and plates, thinking they belong in wood and the china cabinet, not in our bodies, but in this instance – it is a good thing. Send her […]

da Duck

The Duck is an old barge-y, boat-y thing that was converted to a “local dive bar” years ago. It is situated under an overpass, on a little unloved plot of land. The Duck is cool, and is mine an Freddy’s favorite Sunday afternoon “shot & a beer joint”. There aren’t too many of those left… […]

Nice View

I thought i’d keep it simple today and share an idyllic scene found locally. I’ve been using this image as a screensaver and thought all of you might like it too…enjoy and right-click away!!

not-so-handy lift

*consider this a public service announcement or something, i want some brownie points damnit* Freddy was tearing into the Fatboy shortly before i came over to help him. This mechanical madness and associated activity is in preparation for the bikes first major rebuild since its birth in 1990. The bike is a bit overdue for some love and so…on the lift it goes, for total strip-down. Bike is on the lift, […]

Cuffs? Too weird?

I used to make alot of cuffs for folks. Que Pasa, my old friend, likes cuffs to support his meatloaf sized paws when he is playing bass in his band Taboo, a Santana cover band. I used to wear them when i road tripped on the FXR, along with ear plugs and a Home Depot weight lifters belt. […]

Star report from IMS

I was at the International Motorcycle Show a few weeks back and happened upon the Star Motorcycles booth/display.This is a Yamaha company doing a Lexus/Toyota thing and i must admit, the Star bikes look very nice, if thats you’re thing. For better or for worse, there is not much of a chance of me owning a Star anytime in the future. I got H-D in my blood, as silly as […]

popping out of the woodwork

Reconnected with an old “online friend “the other day after a 15yr hiatus, Nelson Kanno – man about town, Hawaiian annoyer of motorists,  chopper aficionado, bike journalist, lifestyle expert, ya now – a character par excellence I am looking forward to communicating with Nelson and his Church of Choppers crew in more depth – but for now, enjoy what a tasty bike Nelson […]

first flight

Had a chance to take my first flight in a small plane today. What a thrill! It is so freaking different than flying  on a jet, I cant tell ya. One of my oldest best friend homeboys from the NYC ‘hood Ron is a Tucson resident and a pilot. He invited me and Erl to take […]

Tucson drama

Spending time in Tucson..enjoying the Amerincan landscape. If these views dont make you feel a bit patriotic and proud, you best check your pulse, pilgrim. If you’ve got a pulse and this still doesn’t give you a tingel of pride…may i suggest you move…like to Uranus or something….