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Archive for May, 2010

BMW PARTS NEEDED, send to Russia with love – ok!

Wow – where to start – well, I couldn’t even begin to tell this story or where, why and what… but suffice it to say my friend Scott is in Russia and is trying to help this guy who has been his driver. This guy needs some BMW specific parts assistance and help. Now keep […]

so what is going on?

Hello all: well, where to begin? Spring is zinging by – unreal. I feel like as fast as i move, and i move pretty fast,  that I still, only get half of the stuff done that is in my head. Like a CNC, i wish i could program a machine to run overnight to get […]

Jeb’s black bastard

Jeb wanted another belt, I dont know, i think his others shrank or some such shit like that. Either way, he wanted a new belt,  a black belt. I have made it known to my friends beacuse they dont pay me crap, that the least I want is to make the shit that I want […]