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Archive for October, 2015

Chad’s big Fin

Chad wanted a big Fin that would accept bills in a graceful way – unfolded. I adapted the setup Ive been using in my Longbone wallets and made it fit a bigger Fin. it worked great and will be my new “from now on” setup, I was that happy with it.

the snoof change thing

The Snoof is a construction of my own design, riffed off of an old standard turn of the century coin purse. The outside is a great super mellow natural veg tan, which i left alone -unusual for me. This is one clean unit.

the Low Riddah – LongBone Chain Wallet

                                                                              What is this? its the Low Riddah a long bone wallet the long bone is a […]

Bob’s FXR Dash

Bob got himself a nice dash set for his FXR. Held on by brass bolts, it wont go anywhere and two plys that are glued and stitched, guarantee it will last. Far out.

JohnP is happy with his Knipper! Yay!

I love getting emails like this after a long week. Thanks for the kind words John, I am really happy you like your Knipper. This blade/sheath combo is designed for exactly what you are using it for: every day carry. Very Cool! Thanks a lot for letting me know you are happy. I wish more […]

Steve Got my wallet today.

Steve Got my wallet today. That thing is bad ass! Can’t wait to start getting it broke in. I really appreciate your quick turn around.  I’ll be getting ahold of you soon to get a couple more items. Thank You  Bryan r

Jay’s wallet!

Hijinx Apparel Jay has one of my wallets – its been in his pocket for quite some time. He’s been very happy with it. thanks Jay